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    Cardiff or other Uni Citi Residentials


    Do we have any landlords with properties in Cardiff or Uni Cities who can share advice please?

    Currently my son is at Cardiff Uni - so is his girlfriend. Both currently share at separate properties with others (5 in each house I think). As of July, they want to move in together. However there doesn't seem to be that many one bed flats.

    Two bedroom flats/houses. If they are able to team up with another couple, do Landlords let to two student couples?

    Assuming they can't find what they want, do students couples rent separate rooms in HMO's? Perhaps, they could share a double bedroom and the second bedroom could be a place of study.

    Sorry to sound so vague, I don't understand HMO rules/regs. Also, just wondering if they do take up 2 separate rooms in an HMO, can this cause issues with other students (so best avoided?).

    Many thanks

    I am looking at studio flats in Sheffield for my son - there are lots which allow 2 people to live there either with no extra charge or an extra amount per week
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      As a parent of 3 post-uni kids and an ex student LL, I would suggest they look for 2 rooms in the same student house. Most have double beds in them but will only rent to one person because of the numbers game, but as you say they can use the other room for study etc.

      Most LLs will not rent a non-student house to students because of the lack of income and 2 couples in a 2 bed is still an HMO and also more wear & tear for a LL so is uncommon.

      Plus.....couples split up and this can be very difficult is they are sharing a room. Having the extra room may even save the relationship!

      I would definitely go for the first option.


        Thank you, appreciated. My gut feeling is that they should have two separate rooms in a house share.


          I agree with the above as most landlords with two bed flats will not have HMO registration and this will be an extra expense and hassle that they probably won't want.


            It's more likely than not that will split up during the year so perhaps keep this in mind when deciding. 2 rooms in a shared house would be better than a double room/flat of their own if neither can afford the full rent on their own.


              Oopsey, the two love birds have signed up for a flat!


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