Do you include internet broadband in your student property?

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    Do you include internet broadband in your student property?

    Just that really. I haven’t done so up till now but wondering if it is now considered standard and I should.

    Unlimited fibre broadband for about £25 a month, (look round) wich you can spread over their rents so it costs you nothing - Why wouldn't you?

    The landlord next door will be.


      I always included water & broadband - make sure you have enough bandwidth for the number of people in the house.


        I do, Virgin (oh, anything to get away from Beardie..) - 200Mbps, v fast, can go to 1Gbps...

        Means tenants move in, service operates immediately, nuffink for them to do. They seem to like it (judging from the stats on how much they use it)
        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


          I'd suggest you're quite selective about what router's you use, you'd probably want to know who was using the internet when at least.
          Be nice to be able to help the police when they would like an explanation of why you downloaded a particular video or made a particular comment on social media.
          When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
          Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


            Plus you can connect your cameras to keep an eye on the the place.


              Originally posted by Section20z View Post
              Plus you can connect your cameras to keep an eye on the the place.
              I’m going to assume this is a joke.
              OK, so resounding yes to broadband. Thanks everyone. Although I’m having second thoughts about the whole student rental thing, see my next post.


                Always including, Virgin 1 Gbps, and also I have a couple of cameras outside just in case there will be issues I will have a recorded video, tenants know about this and the cameras are working by their permission


                  Are people providing, effectively wifi or internet with distinct static IP addresses, as are needed by commercial users?


                    I have done so for a number of years without too may issues.

                    Only issues that can occasionally occur:

                    1. Don't buy from a cheap budget provider with a bad customer service record such as TT. And always go for fibre min 67mbs and a router to cope with loads of devices at the same time (phones, watches. PC's, Laptops, Tablets, Desktops, Printers, Smart name it.

                    2. I once had a notification from a provider about criminal activity being used on searches. One automatically thinks of porn and illegal searches etc!.......but on investigation it was a student trying to watch a bootleg film which was due for release in cinemas and no where else. Breach of copyright threats etc !!!


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                      Hi, new to the community but in need for some advice.

                      Due to covid I had struggled to rent out my student property and as such decided not to charge an initial holding deposit to attract potential tenants, my first mistake! After the year has ended with some bother, the tenants have moved...
                      11-08-2022, 21:45 PM
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                      by jpucng62
                      The Tenant Fees Act means you can't tell tenants at the start that they must pay for a specific service eg a professional clean. Charging them once they have left for things they have not done eg clean to a professional standard is perfectly allowable.
                      14-08-2022, 15:51 PM
                    • Reply to Need advice regarding fees
                      by AndrewDod
                      That definitely sounds problematical under the Tenants Fees act depending how worded.


                      "You will be charged £50 to clean the oven" - not good

                      "You will be charged to clean the oven if you leave it dirty - the typical cost of getting a professional...
                      12-08-2022, 12:19 PM
                    • Reply to Need advice regarding fees
                      by AlexR
                      Take a look at your tenancy agreement to see if specific charges for these items are mentioned. We let to students and there are specific charges mentioned in our agreement which cover the extra costs you face. Hopefully you have taken photographs of the state of the property at the end of the tenancy...
                      12-08-2022, 11:42 AM
                    • Reply to Need advice regarding fees
                      by jpkeates
                      While I agree that the tenants fees act doesn't stop you (or any landlord) claiming for a loss incurred beyond normal wear and tear, that doesn't mean that it doesn't apply.
                      It depends on what you're attempting to claim and, probably more practically, how you've expressed it.

                      12-08-2022, 09:28 AM
                    • Reply to Need advice regarding fees
                      by DoricPixie
                      A holding deposit is different to a tenancy deposit (the kind you need to register in a government approved scheme). Not taking a tenancy deposit does not mean that you cannot pursue tenants through the courts for money owed for damage over and above fair wear and tear to the property. Your former...
                      12-08-2022, 03:40 AM
                    • Reply to Need advice regarding fees
                      by AndrewDod
                      Tenant fees act has no relevance to this at all.

                      Your recourse is to take them to court (MCOL) and I suggest you do that....
                      12-08-2022, 00:49 AM
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                      by theartfullodger
                      In occupation & paying rent........
                      05-08-2022, 13:45 PM
                    • Reply to Signature on Tenancy Agreement
                      by jonnec
                      Okay thanks very much. Appreciate the responses.
                      05-08-2022, 13:31 PM