Reclaiming rent from landlords of students?

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    Reclaiming rent from landlords of students?

    Call this a follow-up thread to my old one about the government/council trying to reclaim overpayment (or fraud, etc) of benefits... am I in the clear if it's students? I am looking at a student property at the moment.

    Thanks all

    Your previous thread was about the concern that directly paid Universal Credit could be claimed back by the DWP if the tenant wasn't entitled to the benefit.
    How does that situation relate to students, who are normally not funded by the DWP and do not have rent paid directly to the landlord?
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      Surely the only major difference here though is that the benefits tenant is being given money by the state and the student tenant is being lent money by the state?

      Although sometimes they can be given it apparently, depending.

      So I wasn't sure how similar situations would be handled. I guess lending tends to be a lot more forgiving than giving, for obvious reasons.


        I suspect you're making a political point, and it's well made!



          lol was I?

          it can't be that well made because I didn't even know I was making it


            On this subject though... I guess the money is never paid directly so it's probably OK.


              I was thinking more about this today. I think... I have to consider this kind of... contract by contract, so to speak.

              So UC is one "contract", housing benefit is another, etc. If I'm unsure then I need to go back to the terms of that specific benefit or whatever it is and understand how it works.

              Also, sorry to have posted lots on this subject now. I guess it's just quite a big thing to wrap your head around when you're new to all this.

              With time though I think I'll know what I'm doing regarding this and other stuff too ^^


                If you are new to this, steer well clear of DSS lettings These may suit a certain "type" of Landlord who I will not try to define!
                I have 40+ years of student letting experience and there are many advantages with (imho) not many disadvantages.
                The main one of course being a higher return.


                  Student letting does seem good yeah

                  I hear though that they can be on all kinds on benefits potentially. I'd assume it's rare though and most are on loans (and maybe grants? I bet that's rare too though).

                  I think... if the situation does arise where a student is on a benefit, I should research it at that point but it's not super likely to impact me so probably not worth it too much ahead of time.

                  That's the conclusion I'm coming to anyway! Do you think that's good?


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