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    Student Lettings Query - Deposits - Contracts


    I wonder if any fellow student landlords can advise how best to secure student tenants for the next academic year.

    I'm looking to secure student tenants. I understand i can sign the contract now, for a start in 8-9 months time, however is this still the case of the deposit?

    Normally for professional tenants a deposit of 4-5 weeks rent equivalent would be taken, however with student tenants this doesn't seem to be the case and 1-2 weeks seems to the norm. In many cases when i've spoken with agents they have said take £0 deposit.

    My concern is if taking a small deposit, the tenants could sign and then decide not to take the property.

    I understand a contract would be joint and several, how would this then work with joint & several guarantors? Would one guarantor be sufficient for all tenants, or is it better to have more.

    Thanks in advance.


    This is being discussed in another active thread, although possibly on the general residential rental forum.

    Even for professional tenants, you cannot take more than one week's deposit as a holding deposit.


      Sorry i should clarify which deposit. My issue is not the holding deposit, it's the actual deposit being taken almost 9 months in advance of moving in to a property. I wasn't sure if i read about there being an issue of this. Ultimately it needs to be protected within 30 days though.


        See here:


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