Move in date moved on morning of move.

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    Move in date moved on morning of move.

    My son had a call this morning telling him he couldn’t move in to his student let this afternoon because they haven’t completed the checkout after the previous tenant. He was told this would be done a week ago.

    He is already in the area and we were on our way with his belongings when he called us. Two hour trip!

    Deposits have been payed but the contract was due to be signed when they collected the keys this morning. I imagine they can mess him around as much as they like without a signed contract. We have signed a guarantor document that states this is the move in date, does that have any weight?
    But any advice would be helpful.
    This is going cause a logistical nightmare and have financial implications.
    Thank you

    Tell them you are going to need to book into a hotel and put belongings in storage and charge that to them.

    Has he paid the first month of rent too? It sounds like you have a contract so even if they are not signed you are secure.

    Stick to your guns and ask advice here if it becomes necessary to take then to court for breach of contract.

    Where are the other students (presumably sharing?)?


      Thank you for your reply, he had paid his deposit and first months rent. The agents originally suggested he could store his items in the property until he got the key on Tuesday. Can you imagine putting your belongings in a property you have no right to enter and have no key for and walking away, unbelievable.
      My son is nobodies fool, he has stuck to his guns and it looks like things are moving forward.
      Fingers crossed for a move today after all.


        Spoke too soon, it seems they dragged it out through the day and are now saying they can’t do the check in until Monday and will change the contract to Mondays dates. This has caused major inconvenience to us as parents and to my son who now has to sofa surf for 2 nights.
        Do we have any rights?
        Thank you


          Do as I said. They can't change the date. That is why it is a contract.


            Usual addressing details:

            Re: letter before claim

            Dear Sirs

            As you know I had a tenancy agreement in respect of [Property address] which was due to start on [date]. I am led to understand that the fact that the tenancy agreement was not yet signed as of the date of entry is irrelevant, since the final tenancy agreements does not have to be signed in order for a tenancy contract to be valid. I do not wish the contract start date to be changed to anything other than the promised start date which is mentioned in a variety of your correspondences.

            When I arrived with my belongings on [date and time] expecting to receive the key I was told that the start date had been delayed until []. This is not acceptable to me, nor is an extension to the end date of the tenancy of any value to me. Kindly refund the amount of xxxxx from my first month of rent (and the rents of all my co-tenants), and also compensate me in the amount of £100 in respect of my time, excess travel costs and the costs incurred in having to seek cooked meals.

            Please confirm by return that this is acceptable to you, otherwise we will be making a claim at the local country court in respect of the same. I expect a response within the seven days of the date of this letter [by xxx].


              Thank you for taking the time to reply again. The above letter will be very helpful.


                Do let us know the outcome here.


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                • Reply to Parent guarantor issue
                  by HP mum
                  Student kind of got round it with a very kind other parent. They have agreed to be guarantor. Phew.
                  A suggestion has been made that funds are paid up front if available by the time the tenancy starts - apx half the term rent. Thanks for everyone's advice....
                  15-02-2020, 15:02 PM
                • Parent guarantor issue
                  by HP mum
                  6 students want to rent a house. 1 student proposed only parent to be guarantor - but parent doesn't fit LL/ agent criteria (no job/ no owned property). Student doesn't want to lose house (next autumn rental). Any good suggestions for student to propose to mates and the agent?
                  Would paying deposit...
                  06-02-2020, 12:20 PM
                • Reply to Parent guarantor issue
                  by buzzard1994
                  First see if the landlord will accept the 6 with one parent not meeting the criteria - my own child was in that position and the landlord did accept it as there was more than enough cover from the other parents. As one of the other parents I was not too happy effectively covering someone else's child...
                  12-02-2020, 22:36 PM
                • Reply to Parent guarantor issue
                  by toys19
                  As an LL I tend to overlook it if one person cannot meet the criteria, I get the parent to sign anyway, as it adds pressure to the students to behave, but as its joint and several you can just sue the others.
                  However from the students point of view, if LL won't change his mind then that's tough...
                  12-02-2020, 10:35 AM
                • Reply to Parent guarantor issue
                  by jpkeates
                  There's no black and white answer to that, it depends on the landlord/agent's own criteria.

                  If they're all signing a joint and several tenancy agreement everyone is responsible for all of the rent, so, in theory, if one doesn't pay, the other 5 would have to make up the shortfall.
                  06-02-2020, 12:52 PM
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                • Reply to Payed rent can't move in to my room
                  by pennythrip56
                  What an odd response. Some very strange advice on here. Just because she was given the option to move in on 28th doesn't mean it's her fault she opted to take that option & that the landlord couldn't uphold his side of the contract due to damp issues.

                  If you signed a contract to move...
                  06-02-2020, 09:22 AM
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                  by pennythrip56
                  Be careful about putting artwork up- you're spending money that is likely to either get stolen or broken by students. Just make sure the place is decent, you don't need art work.
                  06-02-2020, 09:18 AM
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                  I'm currently renovating a student house and would like to buy some art (framed prints or canvas prints) for it.

                  I had a look at IKEA which is OK but I feel like I've seen the same pieces everywhere. I've also had a look at Loft Interiors, who have some nice stuff but their decent-sized...
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                  by oscarandjo
                  As a student tenant I'd have appreciated it if my landlord had made it easier for us to put our own stuff up. For example, having nails/hooks already in the walls, since we're not allowed to use blu tac.

                  ​​​That being said, some colourful art in the property photos listed on the agency...
                  22-01-2020, 11:48 AM