How often do you change flooring in your student flat?

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    How often do you change flooring in your student flat?

    The carpets in my student flat are looking a bit tired. I’m hesitating between having them professionally cleaned, or changing. They are 5-6 years old. Thanks for sharing your views.

    Good quality carpets well cared for can last 20 years or much more. Lousy carpets poorly cared for can last 2 years.


      Good quallity, stain proof/bleach-cleanable carpets : 8 years unless, wrecked by tenants, in which case, sooner, but at their expense (minus an allowance for fw and t).

      It's worth providing good ones and stressing to Ts that if they ALWAYS remove their shoes before walking on carpets (provide a tub in hallway for this purpose, with polite notice above it), they are much more likely to hang onto their deposit. Also remind them at the outset that irons and hot brushes melt carpets and that you WILL charge to replace the carpet in the room affected.

      Also educate them about cleaning up spills immediately they've happened, (provide with spray botlle of Vanish) or risk the stain not coming out and being charged for it.
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        Hello, thanks both, and sorry I’ve been off
        line for a month. I 5ink I’ll get the carpets steam cleaned next summer. They’re not great quality to be honest, but not shocking either and have a few years left in them.


          Taking ones shoes off indoors is not a British tradition. People thought I was a bit strange when I did that in the office.

          It does seem to be proper etiquette in many other cultures, but I don't think it is something that you can reasonably insist on in a UK HMO.


            Agreed leaseholder. They are in their own home while they are renting, I can’t really stipulate what they do with their shoes.


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              The arrangement between the tenants is nothing to do with the tenancy agreement or the document.
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