Do I have the right to have the contact number of Building management?

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    Do I have the right to have the contact number of Building management?

    I am currently renting from a private landlord and have been currently locked out 3 times of my house because of the front entrance.

    The first time I was locked out was because the front entrance door (not my apartment door) had an electronic lock which was running on battery power??? I had returned home at midnight and could not use the touchscreen to put in the code because the electronic lock ran out of power. I had nowhere to go and was locked out from midnight.

    The second time was exactly the same as the first and I had complained to them thus they had changed the new lock to a mechanical one where you punch in the numbers.

    The Third and most recent was today where a new code was put in place. Whilst I was at university, the management
    had slipped in a piece of paper under my front apartment door (not the front entrance) with a new code written on it, what good does that do when I am away from the building? What the actual ****? I mean At least email or text us the bloody code as I do check my emails quite often. I complained and said that any changes to the buildings I would be contacted by email

    But I am worried that this might happen again (say if the front door is broken or someone had locked the door inside out) Or if a fire breaks out in the middle of the night ? (of course 999), Emailing is fucking useless at the middle of the night.

    Should as a tenant, I be allowed to have the building managements contact number?

    (Apologies for the language, I am very stressed at this time of the moment)


    Contractually you should go through your landlord, but I would hope that most managing agents would be prepared to talk directly to sub-tenants, as long as they weren't asking for something expensive to be done without being paid for it.


      Does the management company have an out of hours contact number anyway?


        How is student letting relevant to the question? You may be getting little response because you are asking on a niche forum when the question is not relevant to the niche.


          Tell your landlord you will be phoning them every time you are locked out no matter what time of the day or night and I suspect you'll be given any number there may be for the management company. If there is not a night time number you might suggest in future you call a locksmith to let you in and bill your landlord, who can claim from the management company.

          But is there really no-one else in the building you can phone to let you in?

          If there is a fire in the night the lock should let you out, it's the fire brigade getting in that could be an issue - but they'd smash their way in if necessary.


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