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    Student letting fees ban

    Hi all,
    My son is in first year at Uni and has just found a student house for 2nd year, sharing with five others. how will the tenant fees ban affect him. He has already paid a holding deposit for house. he will get the house from 9th Sep, so after date of ban.


    It's my understanding that the fees apply to contracts agreed and signed before the date of the ban, regardless of when the tenancy itself begins.

    However, a holding deposit is not a fee as such unless it is non-returnable. It's normally offset against the tenancy deposit once the tenants commit by signing the contract. By 'agent's fees' I think what is meant is the silly amounts which agents tend to charge students for 'finding them a house', typically £150-200 per student. Half the time the agents don't even accompany the prospective tenants on viewings - in busy periods they just send them to the address in the hope the current Ts will show them round. It's basically a very expensive introduction service. The fees also cover printing out a standard contract and asking their Parent Guarantors lots of nosey questions via a credit search (for which parents are usually charged extra).

    Another nice little earner is telling Ts that they must sign a new contract to renew a tenancy, when most of the time, they could just let it become periodic at no cost,.

    Needless to say, agents aren't charities, so as soon as they are not allowed to charge Ts for 'admin' , they will charge the LL instead. Private LLs aren't charities either, so they will no doubt recoup the extra charge by shoving the rent up. There's no such thing as a free lunch.

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      Ask again in a month or two when the bill have received Royal Assent, and a commencement order have been laid down.
      I am not a lawyer, nor am I licensed to provide any regulated advice. None of my posts should be treated as legal or financial advice.

      I do not answer questions through private messages which should be posted publicly on the forum.


        Now has Royal Assent. My view is that contracts signed before 1st June will not be covered, but I’m happy to be corrected (as I’m in precisely the same position)!!


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          My son has rented a house with 4 others at uni however one lad has left uni and is refusing to pay his share. The landlord has now told them that he will not hand over the keys until he receives this lads rent. Is this legal? Any advice please?
          15-07-2019, 18:39 PM
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          If the five people are on a joint and several contract, which is how student lets are typically set up, the situation is:

          There is (legally speaking) one tenant (who is everyone named as a tenant on the tenancy agreement) and one "rent", which the tenant is required to pay....
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          The remaining three will certainly have to cover the fourth person's rent, because this will have been a single, joint, tenancy, not four separate ones. However, I think there is a breach of contract on the landlord's side in not handing over the keys, unless the contract specifically states that the...
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          Hello Everyone,

          My former landlord has just returned my deposit minus a £80 charge for disposing the mattress I have been using in the house since moving into the house in October 2016.

          The mattress was still in a good usable condition (no marks or any tears) but he asked...
          11-07-2019, 09:09 AM
        • Reply to Mattress Disposal Charge
          Stef Cooke
          ?? Let me just check:

          The mattress belongs to the landlord
          He is not claiming it is in any way damaged, stained or unusable
          He asked you to remove it
          He then charged you for its removal

          That is ridiculous. It is his property, he cannot put the onus on you...
          11-07-2019, 16:13 PM
        • Reply to Mattress Disposal Charge
          By not protecting the deposit, the landlord has also denied the tenant the ability to ask the deposit scheme to adjudicate on the disputed deduction.

          If the mattress was the tenant's (otherwise why was it being thrown away if it was in decent condition) I'd suggest that the charge is actually...
          11-07-2019, 15:21 PM
        • Reply to Mattress Disposal Charge
          I notice no one has mentioned it yet, but you are aware that the penalty for non-protection of the deposit is up to 3x the amount of the deposit?

          So you are not just talking about £80 here, you are talking up to 3x the full deposit.

          If the LL is found to have deliberately...
          11-07-2019, 14:56 PM
        • Reply to Mattress Disposal Charge
          Thank you leaseholder64

          I will now go and weigh my options....
          11-07-2019, 11:51 AM
        • Reply to Mattress Disposal Charge
          If the mattress belongs to the landlord, disposal is their responsibility. I think it is common to change mattresses anyway, but there is a current TV advert advising doing this every 8 years, so any costs for damage to the mattress should be written off over those 8 years.

          I think they...
          11-07-2019, 11:02 AM
        • Reply to Mattress Disposal Charge
          Thank you Lawcruncher

          That's very helpful....
          11-07-2019, 10:49 AM