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    Wot Lawcruncher said, above. I have been using his form of guarantee for nearly ten years now and it is excellent.

    I would however add that in student joint tenancies at least, damages are nearly always claimed, in the first instance, by the joint tenancy deposit, usually the equivalent of a months rent per joint tenant. You may have to enter into dispute with them via the deposit protection scheme, but if you have appropriate evidence you can get it back.

    Only when the damage exceeds the deposit value, and the Ts lack the means to pay, might you need to start chasing Gs, and then it;s the same principle as explained above.
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      As the parent of a student you are held to ransom and have very little choice. However the courts have been rather reluctant to enforce guarantor agreements and IME they are often done so badly that it would be difficult to get a court to enforce them.

      We have been fortunate in that our child had decent landlords but students are seen as easy pickings by some landlords who claim for thinking like cleaning a place that wasnt clean when they moved in and pre-existing damage.. Usual advice applies - tenants should photograph everything when they move in, document the ways in which the inventory departs from the truth - and be trained that it doesnt matter whose fault it is they will be paying for any damage so they need to keep their flatmates under control.


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      • Taking payments 2-3 months in advance.
        Normally tenants pay 1 month in advance, however for students who rely on student loans, i would like payment 3 months in advance. Has anyone successfully set this up on their tenancy?...
        13-06-2019, 15:04 PM
      • Reply to Taking payments 2-3 months in advance.
        You can take a holding deposit of one weeks rent, although you will need a signed agreement with the tenant to change the date on which that is repaid or converted to rent/security deposit from the default 15 days....
        15-06-2019, 08:10 AM
      • Reply to Taking payments 2-3 months in advance.
        This would almost certainly be construed as a deposit and therefore illegal under the Tenant Fees Act 2019, as it would exceed the maximum allowed deposit. The maximum deposit is 5 weeks' rent, but you seem to be proposing up to eight and a bit weeks rent, assuming monthly payments.
        13-06-2019, 15:10 PM
      • Banning fan heaters?
        Hello today I had a room inspection and he tells me that my fan heater is banned as it could tip over so it is dangerous... and to go buy an oil based one. He told me to pack it away and not use it.

        I can not afford to buy a heater and the fan heater I have was given to me for free. The...
        27-03-2019, 17:14 PM
      • Reply to Banning fan heaters?
        Interestingly, currently filling in details for landlord insurance with Hamilton Fraser Total Landlord (Add on this site) and I have to confirm their assumptions that "
        None of the properties contain portable gas or electric fan heaters"
        31-05-2019, 13:17 PM
      • Reply to Banning fan heaters?
        mind the gap
        Is the electricity included in your rent, or do you pay it on a meter/directly to the energy provider?...
        26-05-2019, 17:27 PM
      • Student houses and the abolition of section 21
        It occurs to me that the abolition of section 21 could cause major problems for student landlords.

        I had assumed that student houses would definitely be exempt, but I have looked up how it now works in Scotland as a precedent and it transpires only purpose-built student accommodation is...
        15-04-2019, 16:05 PM
      • Reply to Student houses and the abolition of section 21
        mind the gap
        I honestly don't think student tenancies will be affected, in practice. Students almost always move out, because if they don't, they (or their parents) will be jointly liable to continue paying the whole rent. We've only ever had one student who threatened not to move out (his five housemates had gone...
        26-05-2019, 17:21 PM
      • Reply to Student houses and the abolition of section 21
        Thank you for the reply. I get what you are saying about s.8 ground 1, but I find it hard to see how the fixed term of a tenancy agreement in a post-s.21 world could constitute anything other than a minimum term (which might be of use to landlords as a way of ensuring that tenants don't try to use properties...
        22-04-2019, 13:27 PM
      • Reply to Student houses and the abolition of section 21
        Thank you, that's extremely interesting and enlightening.

        I'm not entirely sure that ending s21 evictions moves us to the Scottish model entirely, that might happen, but it's not inevitable.
        s8 ground 1 still requires notice outside the fixed term, and I'd imagine the proposed notice...
        22-04-2019, 11:44 AM