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    Wot Lawcruncher said, above. I have been using his form of guarantee for nearly ten years now and it is excellent.

    I would however add that in student joint tenancies at least, damages are nearly always claimed, in the first instance, by the joint tenancy deposit, usually the equivalent of a months rent per joint tenant. You may have to enter into dispute with them via the deposit protection scheme, but if you have appropriate evidence you can get it back.

    Only when the damage exceeds the deposit value, and the Ts lack the means to pay, might you need to start chasing Gs, and then it;s the same principle as explained above.
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      As the parent of a student you are held to ransom and have very little choice. However the courts have been rather reluctant to enforce guarantor agreements and IME they are often done so badly that it would be difficult to get a court to enforce them.

      We have been fortunate in that our child had decent landlords but students are seen as easy pickings by some landlords who claim for thinking like cleaning a place that wasnt clean when they moved in and pre-existing damage.. Usual advice applies - tenants should photograph everything when they move in, document the ways in which the inventory departs from the truth - and be trained that it doesnt matter whose fault it is they will be paying for any damage so they need to keep their flatmates under control.


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      • Payed rent can't move in to my room
        Hi, so I have payed this months rent and could of moved in on the 2nd September but I had work so I am moving in on the 28th, but got a message today say my room is still damp and the bed has been moved to the living room, also he does not know when I can move in to that bed room btw the girl before...
        28-09-2019, 00:19 AM
      • Reply to Payed rent can't move in to my room
        It was your 'fault' you didn't move in on 2nd Sept, so usually the answer would be - tough, you need to pay.

        However, as the room is uninhabitable and you never started the tenancy (moved in) then imho your landlord can't charge you for something he has been unable to provide. You can...
        01-10-2019, 09:16 AM
      • Reply to Payed rent can't move in to my room
        You have given a couple of clues as to what may be going on here but advice has to be limited because of lack of background information,

        Firstly, as the landlord says the room is still damp then he must know that it was damp and have an idea what caused it. If he knows what has caused it...
        30-09-2019, 19:38 PM
      • Reply to Payed rent can't move in to my room
        What outcome are you hoping for? Do you want to unwind the contract or just live elsewhere until the room is habitable? Either should be possible and as long as you pay rent, the landlord would be obliged to pay your reasonable costs to live elsewhere in the meantime....
        28-09-2019, 16:22 PM
      • Non paying tenant & court
        I signed a joint tenancy agreement with 3 other students. 1 of them dropped out after paying the 1st months rent. The contract was joint & severally liable. After a few months of us trying to find a replacement, with no chance! The letting agents called us for a meeting as to how we could pay...
        23-09-2019, 18:20 PM
      • Reply to Non paying tenant & court
        The arrangement between the tenants is nothing to do with the tenancy agreement or the document.
        It's to do with the agreement that they must have made to somehow share the costs, for which the tenancy agreement is simply evidence.

        What the split was and how it was agreed will be...
        25-09-2019, 07:50 AM
      • Reply to Non paying tenant & court
        Clearly morally that's correct.

        But, please, where in any document has the drop-out agreed to any particular proportion of the rent?

        Surely the whole point of joint & several tenancies is that each tenant is sue-able for the whole lot? And if the split is defined in AST...
        24-09-2019, 15:44 PM
      • Move in date moved on morning of move.
        J Dut
        My son had a call this morning telling him he couldn’t move in to his student let this afternoon because they haven’t completed the checkout after the previous tenant. He was told this would be done a week ago.

        He is already in the area and we were on our way with his belongings when...
        21-09-2019, 12:25 PM
      • Reply to Move in date moved on morning of move.
        Do let us know the outcome here.
        24-09-2019, 10:53 AM
      • Reply to Non paying tenant & court
        You have every right to sue the missing tenant.
        All three of you would have to take the action (which could be done using the small claims court).

        The tenant agreed to share the cost of the property with you and then reneged on the deal.
        You should sue them for a quarter (or...
        24-09-2019, 08:13 AM