How to surrender tenancy without filling my room

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    How to surrender tenancy without filling my room

    I'm currently in an uncomfortable situation, in which I feel bullied and harrassed by one of my housemates in particular. There have been two recent episodes in which she has verbally and over social media been particularly aggressive, hostile and unkind. I find rubbish in my belongings and outside my door, put there on purpose. They are noisy and unclean, often have people over until the early hours who are loud and messy and this is never cleaned up. I don't mind people being round, but they are selfish in the way they do this.

    I've reached a point where I really don't want to live here anymore, reasonable requests are met with mean comments and I am out as much as possible to avoid seeing them. I'm in my third year and it's starting to affect my work.

    I don't have a break clause and am struggling to find anyone to fill my room (the house is hardly desirable and the housemates aren't a big selling point). Can anyone advise on any ways to try and surrender tenancy under extenuating circumstances, potentially without my having to find someone to move in to my room or without paying a lot of rent upfront?

    Is this a joint tenancy, or is it a room only one. In both cases, you cannot force the landlord to accept surrender, but, in he former, the surrender would be for all the sharers, not just you.


      Is there someone at the College that could help you?


        Our tenants sign on a joint tenancy, and this last contract, within 3 mths the new girl wanted out as she was a party and the other girls weren't happy so she asked to leave.
        I will never expect anyone to stay where they are unhappy, so I agreed that we would let her out of her lease, if she or the other girls found someone to rent that room and resign on a lease with the original two.
        She found someone quickly and left with no trouble.
        If you can't find someone, I would suggest you could make an offer to the landlord to leave, by paying for example 3 mths rent in advance, so they have time to find someone without losing money, but they don't have to accept the offer.


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          As the parent of a student you are held to ransom and have very little choice. However the courts have been rather reluctant to enforce guarantor agreements and IME they are often done so badly that it would be difficult to get a court to enforce them.

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          My son is in first year at Uni and has just found a student house for 2nd year, sharing with five others. how will the tenant fees ban affect him. He has already paid a holding deposit for house. he will get the house from 9th Sep, so after date of ban.

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          Ask again in a month or two when the bill have received Royal Assent, and a commencement order have been laid down.
          01-02-2019, 12:28 PM
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          mind the gap
          It's my understanding that the fees apply to contracts agreed and signed before the date of the ban, regardless of when the tenancy itself begins.

          However, a holding deposit is not a fee as such unless it is non-returnable. It's normally offset against the tenancy deposit once the tenants...
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          mind the gap
          Wot Lawcruncher said, above. I have been using his form of guarantee for nearly ten years now and it is excellent.

          I would however add that in student joint tenancies at least, damages are nearly always claimed, in the first instance, by the joint tenancy deposit, usually the equivalent...
          11-01-2019, 20:17 PM
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          The form of guarantee set out above sets out to deal with the problem by saying that in the event of damage for which the tenants are reponsible the guarantor is ony liable to cover to the extent that the particular tenant he is guaranteeing is reponsible. It also confirms that the joint and several...
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          I am in the process of suing a particular guarantor for rental arrears, damage, cleaning of rubbish, and also certain legal costs the total amount is over 6,000 as well as tracing fees. The agent specifically drew up the AST making the guarantor responsible for legal costs. arrears and a host of other...
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          I'm not thinking of rent, where the liability is obvious; I'm thinking of damage. In criminal law, joint enterprise is used when everyone is somewhat culpable, but only one person did the really heinous thing. Without it, they could all cast reasonable doubt as to the primary offender, making a beyond...
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          mind the gap
          I think you are making it more complicated than it is.

          Each individual's liability is the appropriate fraction of the whole.

          In the first instance, as tenants, they are jointly liable. But it is a rare student joint tenancy where the rent is paid jointly. In a six bedroom...
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