If All Bills included does that mean 24/7 heating?

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    Anyone who agrees to pay unrestricted heating bills for their tenants needs their bumps feeling. Accept that you will make a huge loss on this tenancy, then get a contract drafted which caps energy usage to something sensible - or even better, make them behave like grown ups and sort out the bills themselves.
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      I dont think "all inclusive of bills" implies that heating will be on 24/7 however if we had an arctic chill such that for the dwelling to achieve adequate warmth the boiler would have to be on 24/7. What an incentive to improve your insulation! I personally live in an older home which cannot be altered greatly as it is listed and in freakishly cold cold weather the boiler controller does have to be kept on 24/7.
      People love old houses but not the ideal place in relation to which to grant lettings fully inclusive of energy. Sometimes, however, if letting off a small part where separate metering is not practical its the only way to go........


        If the place is adequately insulated, there will not be much difference in the Winter bills between 24/7 and occupied hours only.


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        • Student letting fees ban
          Hi all,
          My son is in first year at Uni and has just found a student house for 2nd year, sharing with five others. how will the tenant fees ban affect him. He has already paid a holding deposit for house. he will get the house from 9th Sep, so after date of ban.

          24-01-2019, 11:42 AM
        • Reply to Student letting fees ban
          Now has Royal Assent. My view is that contracts signed before 1st June will not be covered, but I’m happy to be corrected (as I’m in precisely the same position)!!
          20-02-2019, 21:21 PM
        • To be a guarantor
          Hi All, I had some good news this afternoon,( I think). My son text me from Uni, (he is in his 1st year.) to say that he and 5 others have found and applied for a six bedroom house for next year. He said the agent will probably be in touch as I'm down as Guarantor.
          I've had guarantors for flats...
          26-11-2018, 16:07 PM
        • Reply to To be a guarantor
          As the parent of a student you are held to ransom and have very little choice. However the courts have been rather reluctant to enforce guarantor agreements and IME they are often done so badly that it would be difficult to get a court to enforce them.

          We have been fortunate in that our...
          14-02-2019, 08:26 AM
        • Reply to Student letting fees ban
          Ask again in a month or two when the bill have received Royal Assent, and a commencement order have been laid down.
          01-02-2019, 12:28 PM
        • Reply to Student letting fees ban
          mind the gap
          It's my understanding that the fees apply to contracts agreed and signed before the date of the ban, regardless of when the tenancy itself begins.

          However, a holding deposit is not a fee as such unless it is non-returnable. It's normally offset against the tenancy deposit once the tenants...
          31-01-2019, 21:27 PM
        • Reply to To be a guarantor
          mind the gap
          Wot Lawcruncher said, above. I have been using his form of guarantee for nearly ten years now and it is excellent.

          I would however add that in student joint tenancies at least, damages are nearly always claimed, in the first instance, by the joint tenancy deposit, usually the equivalent...
          11-01-2019, 20:17 PM
        • Reply to To be a guarantor
          The form of guarantee set out above sets out to deal with the problem by saying that in the event of damage for which the tenants are reponsible the guarantor is ony liable to cover to the extent that the particular tenant he is guaranteeing is reponsible. It also confirms that the joint and several...
          11-01-2019, 10:01 AM
        • Reply to To be a guarantor
          I am in the process of suing a particular guarantor for rental arrears, damage, cleaning of rubbish, and also certain legal costs the total amount is over 6,000 as well as tracing fees. The agent specifically drew up the AST making the guarantor responsible for legal costs. arrears and a host of other...
          11-01-2019, 00:09 AM
        • Reply to To be a guarantor
          I'm not thinking of rent, where the liability is obvious; I'm thinking of damage. In criminal law, joint enterprise is used when everyone is somewhat culpable, but only one person did the really heinous thing. Without it, they could all cast reasonable doubt as to the primary offender, making a beyond...
          10-01-2019, 23:18 PM