Electricity Pay as you go meter Issue (Student Accommodation)

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    Electricity Pay as you go meter Issue (Student Accommodation)

    Last year September , myself & three other students moved into new accommodation owned and managed by a private Landlord.

    At some point ,after moving in (November) the electricity company brought in bailiffs who threatened to cut off the regular electricity supply to the house, of which they eventually did, resulting in us getting a meter which requires regular to up.

    The issue here is, I have just discovered that out of the £X00 quarterly electricity allowance we have as part of our all expenses covered tenancy agreement, the electricity company has been deducting money from the meter on a weekly basis to cover a debt which had nothing to do with us initially.

    My question is what options do we have since the landlord has since not mentioned anything about these deductions.

    Prior to September 2017, I assume the previous students did not pay the bills.
    Was it the landlord that did not pay the bills ?

    You should contact the utilities with a copy of the tenancy agrement from Sept 2017, and state you were not in residence prior to September, and to remove the dept and to get that debt from the previous bill payers.

    I once moved into a flat that had a prepay meter, but could not top it up as there was unpaid amounts on it, which was not paid off fully as previous tenant was evicted, I could top it up, but got no electric as is showed money still owing.

    I was told to feed the pre-pay meter ( lots of cards then ) and they would refund me, which they did.



      Prior to 2017 I'm not sure who was responsible for the bills .The landlord claims it was the previous student tenants who failed to pay the bills, but there is no way of knowing for sure as they have all left now.

      I will however chase your suggested line of inquiry and hope for the best.

      Thanks ram


        My experience was 12 years ago, and I had just moved in, 1 months rent, 1 months deposit, and just myself, so cash was short, hence not being able to find another £ 40 that week.
        The Landlord was not interested, and could not supply me with the companies name to contact ( there were 7 suppliers at that time.)

        Write to the electric company, send a copy of the tenancy agreement, and also a copy to the agent or landlord ( whoever you pay your rent to ) stating you are not responsible for the debt, and to "sort it out".

        Send the name and address of your agent / landlord to electric company so they may verify when you 3 moved in.

        I had another problem, my surname was the same as the previous evicted tenant, which made them think I was trying to scam them !.

        You "Could" tell the agent that you will deducting the weekly charge from your rent if this is not amicably resolved.

        Good luck.


          This is most certainly helpful, really appreciated.

          Thanks ram


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