Good place to buy art for a student house?

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    Good place to buy art for a student house?

    I'm currently renovating a student house and would like to buy some art (framed prints or canvas prints) for it.

    I had a look at IKEA which is OK but I feel like I've seen the same pieces everywhere. I've also had a look at Loft Interiors, who have some nice stuff but their decent-sized pieces are about £120 each; I'm looking at buying about eight pieces and I hadn't really budgeted spending a grand just on art!

    Does anyone have any good ideas? If there's an opportunity to institute a theme to the art that'd be even better!

    I think you should let the students personalise the space and not impose your taste on them. In my experience they are unlikely to care what 'art' is in the lounge when they are drying their washing in there or filling it full of their stuff at the end of the academic year despite what the contract says.


      Screwfix paint dept, large pot emulsion
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


        Try Amazon.


          You'll regret buying students art when it's had beer sprayed on it all year.


            Mmmm! Don't know about that! I see a few where the LL has strategically placed pieces where students would probably bang in a few nails / blu tac a picture to the wall! They use proper fittings, metal flanges and screws, so they look like too much hard work to take down!

            Seems to work for them!

            Might be worth it if you can find cheap enough pieces


              Take a look round charity shops.

              The Age UK near me always has a selection of prints, watercolours, and oil paintings, selling for £2 to £10 depending on size/subject.


                Don't. Buy a few of these and fix up. Then they can put up what they like and not damage the walls and you can replace with artwork if you decide to change from a student let.


                  Take some arty photos with a decent camera and have them printed onto large canvas covered frames. Costs about £40 a go via ebay.


                    Ebay, Gumtree, shpock? Second hand and cheap!


                      I have a couple of flats in Finsbury Park and couldn't resist buying a related poster for each designed by Harkiran Kalsi. Not sure if any for where your property is or a selection of London boroughs might be nice. She is on FB so may do you a deal if she is able to sell directly. Can either buy just the poster and pop in an Ikea frame or buy framed.
                      Alternatively look for some old concert posters for around the area the flat is in and frame them (although the students might not have a clue who the band it ) )


                        Students in my experience prefer to put up their own pictures, photos etc in their own rooms, but having attractive (to them) prints elsewhere are a definite bonus when they are viewing. They make the place look more homely and interesting and they are more likely to remember your property if they look round several on the same day.

                        Canvas prints (funky sort) in the communal areas go down well - avoid glass or old fashioned looking frames. This might be a bit downmarket for your taste, but I always have a quick look in B and Q as well as IKEA...even B & M can have some which appeal to students (in amongst the total dross).

                        I like the ideas above about blowing up photos or framing posters.
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                          Great question OP and I did the same for a communal area, as MTG says above, stick to putting art prints in communal areas and not bedrooms. The end result has been really well received by students and agents.

                          Go here:

                          Prints from £10-40 depending on size. They are all themed by music, film, TV, literature.

                          I opted for music but there are some fab Wes Anderson ones. Got the frames cheap from Ikea. Job done!

                          The overall cost is so cheap it doesn't matter if they get wrecked. I got the smallest ones but dep on size you could spend £120 in total. You look very 'culturally hip' as LL and your place looks 'on trend' and appealing.


                            As a student tenant I'd have appreciated it if my landlord had made it easier for us to put our own stuff up. For example, having nails/hooks already in the walls, since we're not allowed to use blu tac.

                            ​​​That being said, some colourful art in the property photos listed on the agency websites or spare room wouldn't hurt. It makes it look more homely (less sterile white or horrible magnolia) and will probably help attract viewings.

                            Most student halls have a giant corkboard on one of the walls (painted white so it's not ugly if the student doesn't put anything up) so students can pin up whatever they want without damaging the walls.


                              Be careful about putting artwork up- you're spending money that is likely to either get stolen or broken by students. Just make sure the place is decent, you don't need art work.


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