can a friend stay?

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    can a friend stay?

    Some background relevant to my geographical area before I ask my question:

    £450 pcm rent received from tenant
    2 bed flat

    One person on the tenancy. He's asked if a friend moving to the area can stay in the flat until he finds his feet. There's no need for me to think about HMO as it's under 3 people (I'm in Scotland) however do you think it is or isn't reasonable for me to say the friend can stay, on the understanding I receive £x per week until he moves out? I'd draft something to be signed by all parties. A typical per week room rent in the area is £50, however I'm keen to retain the tenant so thought I'd just ask for £25 p/w.

    And am I right in thinking there's nothing I essentially need to do in terms of informing council etc as it's under the HMO threshold?

    a) There is nothing at all you can do about who a tenant chooses to sleep with or stay with.

    b) You cannot increase the rent in retrospect (unless the tenant agrees)

    c) The tenant might agree - you should ask

    d) You should charge a rate of rent from the start assuming that the tenant will breach the contract you have with them and that there is nothing you will be able to do about it. This means that honest contract-adhering (in this case single asexual friendless) tenants lose out -- but that is the system. Tenancy agreements are there to be breached (by one side only).

    e) The tenant has at least asked. That is a good thing. He is probably a good tenant, and I would assume that he is -- consent, but explain that wear and tear might be a little higher than contracted and that he should contribute to that either via a monthly payment or via accepting (in writing, and now) that some deposit deduction may be applied. It comes down to a judgment.

    f) It is a two bedroom flat.


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