PAT, EICR, Legionnaires and Fire Alarms in Glasgow

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    PAT, EICR, Legionnaires and Fire Alarms in Glasgow

    Hi guys,

    I've got a couple of properties in Glasgow (a 1 bed flat and a 2 bed flat), and one letting agent. I've had the properties (and the agent) for a couple of years now, I think since 2014 if memory serves.

    1. The agent recently informed me that new laws will be in force in January, and before then we've got to do PAT (that the appliances are ok - annually apparently), EICR (electrical condition report - every 5 years), Legionnaires assessment and install a hard wired fire alarm (as opposed to the cheap battery operated ones). It feels a little bit like he's taking me for a ride to be honest.

    Can anyone confirm how often each of these need to be done? Is the hard wired fire alarm a must?

    2. The prices he wants to charge are a bit much (190 for the EICR and PAT per flat, 80 for the legionnaires assessment per flat and hundreds for the hard wired fire alarms).

    I don't want to ask people for prices, but if you could just give me an idea if I'm being taken for a ride that would be great.

    3. Any chance someone has a good, honest handyman they can recommend in Glasgow? I'm not in Glasgow myself (never even been actually). If this kind of thing isn't allowed on the forum, please disregard, but any tips would be helpful seeing as the only person in Glasgow I know is the letting agent!!!

    All and any comments thoroughly welcome. Thank you all in advance.

    Statutory Guidance

    Scottish Government Guidance on Electrical Installations and Appliances in Private Rented Property
    Scottish Statutory Guidance on Provision of Carbon Monoxide Alarms
    Full Scottish Government statutory smoke detector guidance
    Give it a read: You need electrical stuff (PAT, EICR etc) done by 01/12/2015 for new tenancies & 01/12/2016 for ALL tenancies & smoke/heat/CO detectors, hard-wired & interlinked, has been mandatory for quote some time now.

    If not already a member suggest you join SaL & do the free LaS courses to keep informed...

    Suspect given 01/12/2016 deadline there may not be many decent sparks available & those that there are getting more expensive.

    These requirements were announced some time ago, well over a year ago..
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      Have a look and see

      Do an internet search and check the Scottish Government website , this is the download page that lists anything you need.

      As Artful suggests- get moving NOW. I am registered with SELECT and NICIEC and was in the wholesalers last week and overheard a discussion where one company was stating how much he will increase his prices as landlords 'will be over a barrel'

      You MUST use a registered COMPANY, if you don't you need to ask the electrician for proofs of competence (see Appendix A of the legislation). If the electrician you use turns out to be a useless muppet its your problem

      Use the contractor search facility on the NICEIC and SELECT websites- search by the postcode of the property you are letting

      Good luck

      The Scottish Government announced all this in a press release in February 2015 as well as the 'minimum tolerable standard' in 2007.


        Thanks guys, I appreciate your help!


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