Please advise me (tennant) on poor facilities

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    Please advise me (tennant) on poor facilities

    Hi there,

    I wondered if any of you could help/advise me. I am a tenant in Scotland renting a fully furnished 2 bedroom flat. I have just left everything in England, got married and moved into this flat in Scotland with my Husband. We need use of both rooms due to my husband's demanding shift patterns. The problem we have are the beds. This may be a small issue to many but we all need to sleep and once that is achieved (hopefully!)to wake without severe back ache! One of the beds is also extremely smelly and on lifting the mattress up, the storage panel boards were covered in mould!(Pictures taken) After much pushing the landlady and an agency representative came to the property and took away the mouldy boards and sprayed the bed with something similar to frebreze to rid us of the smell. The man from the agency promised us a mattress topper in hope that this will resolve the discomfort. This never materialised and after several calls to the agency each time just getting the secretary, it is pretty clear we are being ignored. Both landlord and agent told us the bed is brand new. But then let slip that the previous tenant used it for a year and the landlord said she used the bed and didn't notice the smell. So it is obviously not brand new as claimed. I have just composed a letter and plan on posting it immediately requesting the situation to be resolved. I wondered what action if any I can take? Please help...we all need sleep to function. Both mattresses are so bad that if you sit on it, the ends rise right off the bed frame!! I actually went to my mum's for 3 nights to catch up on sleep too! I didn't realise such poor quality existed until now. Please help. Thanks.

    Have you written - or emailed (yes, WRITTEN!! - keep copies) to agent AND landlord about these issues ?? If not please do so, calm & polite, giving them (say) 5 or 10 working days to reply with their plans to fix.

    There is good advice here on repairs, including sorting them yourself (but only after putting in writing, giving LL a chance etc).

    If things don;t get sorted involve the PRHP who exist to sort out disagreements between tenant & landlord. You should have been told, in writing, about PRHP - see..

    Let us know how you get on & what happens.,..

    When did you move in? Was there a deposit & if so was it protected?? Is the property & landlord registered??

    Similar advice from another source, Citizen's advice..
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      Can you maybe buy your own mattress topper to get the required comfort. They are inexpensive and could solve your problem.


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