A few new landlord questions...

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    A few new landlord questions...

    (I better mention first, I'm in Scotland)

    My OH and I paid off the mortgage on our previous home, and kept it after we moved with the intention of letting it. I'm very willing to learn the ropes and put the time in to become a good landlord. However, the house has now been empty while we have been settling in to our new house, and I really need to get something done about it. There are a few questions I have which I'd really appreciate learning about, apologies if they sound a bit thick!

    Tennant find only? - I'm more than happy to manage the property, but don't feel confident enough yet to find a tennant, do the appropriate checks and sort out the tennacy agreement etc. Are there any specific problems I should be wary of with using an agent for TFO? Clauses which state renewals have to go through them etc.? What exactly should it include? I take it it's not a cheap service so want to know exactly what to watch out for.

    Oil - The house has a woodburner and oil CH/hot water. There's under 100L of oil left in the tank, companies normally require customers to pay first order upfront and have large min. orders. Is it unreasonable to expect a tennant to have to buy hundreds of £'s oil when they move in, what's the 'norm' for oil CH when moving in/out?

    There is already cooker, undercounter fridge and freezer at the property, and am planning to fit a coldwater feed to the outbuilding and fit a washng machine out there. Anything else I should include?

    Inventory - should I sort this myself, or expect agency to see to it?

    The house only has one door (back), and is accessed through shared driveway round the back. Neighbouring house (ours and there's were one house many years ago) is empty, on good terms with the owner. Our house is open-plan with no internals doors downstairs except understairs cupboard, but fire-escape window in front-facing living room. Any problems there with requirements that I should be aware of?

    Registering with LA and getting an EPC are on my to-do list.

    Any helpful replies woud be much appreciated! Thank you for reading.

    There is a good newbie landlord post here:


    Which will cover a lot things you need to be aware of and comply with although it is based on England/Wales regualtions so a few things may differ.

    Regarding oil, you should perhaps provide a supply to start with - confirming it on the inventory, then request that the tenants leave the same amount in the tank when they leave. If they fail to do this, you can deduct from their deposit/claim the cost from them.

    I do my own inventory, but I let a very small unfurnished flat, so it is basically decore, lampshades, kitchen units and curtains, and the condition or any existing marks or damage on each. If you have a larger property, or supply appliances etc, then a professional third party inventory is recommended to carry more weight in the event of a deposit claim. I take is you understand about deposit protection - should be in the link above.

    As you are in Scotland, you have to register as landlords, and I am not familiar with the requirements up there. You may be better re-posting this on the Scottish lettings section of the main forum, where our "friends in the North" will be more qualifed to comment.


      Thank you very much for your reply! I'll have a good read.

      That wouldn't be a bad idea at all RE: oil, the only problem I may have would be the minimum order. I don't want to be stuck ordering hundreds of litres, although it may be possible for me to split an order between our old house and current one as our own tank is about the same. I'll look into it, thanks!

      I'll have a check of the Scottish section too - I didn't realise there was one. Cheers again.


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