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  • Tampered with locks.


    Me and my family have just moved into a new house the house is fine but I have a few issues with the Landlord already. I have a patio door installed but the Landlord has tampered with the lock. He seems to have customized it by putting screws into it, which are used to lock the door. We also have no key to unlock the lock from the outside.

    But it gets worse we have a standard mortice lock on the main front door but once again we have no key. We do however have a standard Yale lock on the door which we have been given the key to. Hardly secure though. The water heating timer also does not work so we can only heat the water using the booster. The landlord told me he would clean the gutters but since we gave him his money he seems to have done a disappearing act. I have since cleaned the gutters myself. I am also still waiting from him to fix my patio step which lifts every time I step on it.

    Is it legal for the landlord to leave our house so insecure? Or can I do something about it?

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    strongly suggest you write (yes, write..) - email also if you can, keep copy (but WRITE) a calm & polite letter asking for ALL issues that bother you to be fixed..and give him, say, 7 days to respond with a plan to fix them. Not absolutely sure if all those faults listed are his legal responsibilities.. but certainly think some are his responsibility. Certainly patio step would worry me (as a landlord) & I'd want to fix it & I'd want to ensure all locks worked effectively (otherwise my insurance might not pay out..)

    When you say "I have patio door installed..." do you mean you installed it or that it came with the house..

    Until you get his reply & have taken further advice/reposted here I would advise against you doing anything to fix things yourself- but if you need advice 'phone Shelter,
    0808 800 4444 for **free** advice, but expect a wait from this excellent but overworked charity.

    When you signed up the tenancy (? can landlord prove he served an AT5 notice on you prior to your signing the tenancy..) the landlord will have /should have served a “PRHP” letter to you telling you all about PRHP, the "Repairing standard" & how they can resolve problems between Landlord & Tenant .. see,..

    The key thing will probably be the "Repairing standard" which basically says what the landlord should fix.

    - but you have to have tried to resolve the problems in a sensible way first.. so write that letter..

    If you paid him in cash did you get a receipt??

    Please post again with updates of what happens.

    Best regards
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


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