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    Short Assured Tenancy

    I have agreed to let a property to a prospective tenant for a fixed term of 4 months. I have an AST (or SAT as its in Scotland) which I generally use for the normal 6 monthly lets - can this be adapted for an assured tenancy?

    I understand if you don't issue an AT5 in advance, it automatically becomes an assured tenancy - would this suffice?


    Is the property in Scotland? Without getting technical, what ultimately do you want? For example, "I want to let my residential property for four months and I want to be able to evict the tenant after giving appropriate notice if they do not voluntarily vacate after four months".


      Thanks for the response Poppy.

      Yes, its in Scotland.

      I would mainly like to ensure I am issuing an appropriate tenancy agreement. I know its not an AST as its only for 4 months. At the moment there is no real issue if they would like to stay longer. They appear to be quality tenants and all the checks are coming back favourable with a good level of income. However, as you've highlighted - I need to know I can get them to vacate should the need arise after 4 months.



        I know very little about Scottish laws.

        I reckon that the last thing you want is an assured tenancy if you expect to regain possession in four months.

        Perhaps issue a short assured tenancy with any appropriate notices. Simply do not expect to have the property back within six months unless the tenant voluntarily vacates.

        What do you expect to happen in four months?

        Are you sure they'll be happy to up sticks in just four months?

        I wonder if some sort of common law contractual tenancy is a possible way of doing things. Something for you to investigate from a Scottish perspective.


          Thanks Poppy I appreciate your comments.

          I am of a mind to issue a SAT - although I don't anticipate any problems with the tenants as they have bought another property and 4 months ties in with the entry date.


            Distinguish between SAT as meaning:
            a. (E&W) Standard Assured Tenancy; or
            b. (Scotland) Short Assured Tenancy.

            You mean the latter, not the former.
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              Thank you Jeffrey - I do indeed mean a Short Assured Tenancy Agreement, ye ken.


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