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  • Invalid Notice to Quit?

    Hi Everyone,

    I know I'm in Scotland, but hope someone can help.It's a real shame we don't have a Scottish site.I've tried Swarb, but it seems to be UK law, albeit people are kind and helpful so have left a message regards this in the hope that someone can help.

    My tenants have now decided to leave the two bed semi and not pay me for the next two months because they, "can't afford to" after trying to meet my obligations and them refusing entry, now insinuating harassment.I received something of a termination letter two days ago, no post date and no date on the letter.They communicate by text messages and when asked texted that they would send by post, still waiting.I'm almost certain this notice is not valid, but am i right? If it is different on this point in England, ok, but, what process happens in England and I will work it out from there,

    Many Thanks,


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