(Scotland) Tenant has left and wants deposit back

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  • (Scotland) Tenant has left and wants deposit back

    My tenant took a tenancy agreement on 11 October 2008 for six month for my flat in the Scotland. In her second month of agreement she phoned me on 30 November to tell me that she can not pay rent for the month of December therefore she is going to leave the property. I asked her to leave ASAP so I could put the property back on market. In order for me to inspect the flat and return her deposit I asked her to meet me at the property address whenever she finely leaves the property. However she hesitated to do this and she said to me to pay her deposit back into her bank account before she will drop the key of the flat through letter box. I made various requests to her again by phone calls and texts messages to meet me at the property address but she refused to do that even though her new address was only five minutes away from my property and she insisted that I should pay her deposit back into her bank account before she drop the key. She sent a text message to confirm that she has moved all of her stuff out of the property. Then on the 10 of December 2008 I changed the lock and then she dropped the key through letter box after she discovered that I have changed the lock. Now she is taking me to court for her £600 deposit. Is there any thing I can do? Please help.

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    As Scottish landlord & tenant law is so differemt from that of England & Wales, most LZ members [being in E&W] probably cannot assist you.
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