Council Tax Warrant, stressed!

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    Council Tax Warrant, stressed!

    Ok I have Mental Health issues (have come close to a breakdown many times over the years and can't get social worker.

    After starting and dropping out of college for quite a few years I started getting my life back on track after I got social housing (not "better" just more stable) until of course the current world events

    Anyway from 2019-now I have been a student and stuck at the courses, first on a basic course and working my way up.

    What has happened was due to my MH deteriorating a lot again and I gained a huge amount of weight that has caused me to become diabetic etc my mind hasn't been the best.

    Sorry, not meaning that to sound like a sob story more an explaination.

    Got someone at my door today which handed me a document saying that I owed quite a lot of money (about £360, and another £85 for sheriff officers "costs") I panicked as thats a lot of money.

    About £30 of that too was a penalty added by the council.

    Turns out for the summer months, in 2019 they wanted £140 and 2020 they wanted about £180, I did work part time in the summer months and also get Universal Credit (as limited availability to work)

    Right now my income is even lower and I can't afford that, but im actually more stressed about the penalty and the costs.

    I don't know what to do! I feel almost "punished" by the fact my limited ability to work makes my income too "high" to get a reduction as its give with one hand take back by another.

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