Can a Social Landlord force me to accept a fixture 'upgrade'?

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    Can a Social Landlord force me to accept a fixture 'upgrade'?

    I am a Scottish Secure tenant with my Local authority, and have been so for 22 years.

    My Landlord has recently started pressuring me to give access to their contractor to fit 'replacement' heaters in my property, as part of their ad hoc/semi-planned rolling 'ugrades' of properties of a certain criteria.

    I won't bore you with the numerous reasons why, but from what little information I have been able to glean so far, I don't want this 'upgrade', as at best the result will be no better than the currently fitted heaters, and at worst do a far worse job than them.

    Do I have the right to simply say, "Thanks, but No Thanks", or does my Landlord have the right to gain access to the property by whatever legitimate means are at their disposal and fit these heaters against my express wishes and without my consent?

    While I appreciate that fixtures and fittings are the Landlord's property to do with as they please, I entered in to a tenancy contract with the Landlord and a contract with the Electricity Company for a power supply based on the heaters that were fitted at that time. There is no suggestion that the replacements are being made on safety grounds, and all work perfectly, so surely a change should only take place with the tenant's consent, when a heater fails/becomes dangerous and is beyond viable repair, or when the property is vacant and no contract with either Landlord or Electricity Supplier exists.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    I think you have a good point & should stick to your guns.

    This nonsense is being forced on landlords by the EPC requirements. These keep getting tougher, so the only option is 'Lot 20' heaters. That throwing away perfectly good heaters & fitting new is far from environmentally friendly, seems to be irrelevant.

    I'm pleased to hear there are some sensible tenants out there!
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