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    Broken bed replacement

    Hi there,

    We are private tenants (professionals) in Scotland where we rent a two bed furnished flat where we have been living for almost a year.

    the flat is in a very good condition with very reasonable agents/landlords. When we moved in we had issues from previous tenants that were “smartly” hidden when inventory was done (broken dishwasher, broken dining chair that was poorly DIY-fixed, etc) but were kindly replaced.

    One bedroom had a king bed that seemed fine, however one day it broke when I sat on it with no force whatsoever. Me and my partner were very surprised and when we lifted the mattress we saw that it was clearly broken before - the frame was missing screws and was duct taped in some places. We contacted the agents with pictures and they immediately said they’d remove the old one and replace it.

    The replacement bed (which we had to assemble ourselves) is a very fragile box/platformed double, whereas it was a proper frame before. I was a bit unhappy with the size since my partner is 6’4” (and I’m quite tall myself) but the mattress also stinks of mould. It looks clean and was packaged but as soon as we opened it the whole room just reeks so we packaged it back up.

    I also checked the inventory (photos and descriptions) and the bed is described as a “double” with no further dimensions. Do you think it’s reasonable enough to ask for a replacement for a king, or can we at all? I feel bad but I honestly have no idea how I’d sleep in this bed (mainly the smell, not the size) and we pay quite high rent for that area.

    Thank you

    Follow shelter Scotland advice - check their website ( Scotland ! ).

    And or 'phone them 0808 800 4444
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


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