Rent arrears and damage to property by nightmare tenants SAT Scotland

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    Rent arrears and damage to property by nightmare tenants SAT Scotland

    I'm at my whits end with my tenants and getting quite muddled about what I can and can't legally do to evict them. They have been in rent arrears since November last year and paid 2 small amounts as part of a failed payment plan I tried to work out with them.
    So I waited till after new years and issued them with a NTQ and section 33. Before this I sent them information about what I have tried to do to help them with their rent arrears, payment plan, advice to speak to CAB etc.
    In the mean time I have been trying to send a maintenance engineer over to look at the water heating, but this failed several times. They finally gained access last week and advised me the property is in a very bad state, has not been looked after, floors damaged, shower broken etc.
    So now I feel that I need them out asap. I am concerned to carry out any major repairs as they may cause damage by the time they leave. (March).
    I am a private single property landlady, who rents out my flat to be able to cover mortgage costs as I am unable to work due to ill health. So I don't have access to many funds and can't afford any big legal bills, nor the stress of being in court if that was to come to it.
    How would you approach this situation, can I issue any further notices to evict the tenants sooner without incurring legal bills? Would the fact that the flat is now in a severe state of disrepair reflect badly on me?, especially the hot water situation ( I have been desperately trying to get this fixed).
    The tenants have been in there since 2015 and one of them appears to have become a heavy drug user.
    Any advice and guidance is very appreciated. TIA.

    Probably too late now, but being a landlord when you don't have significant cash funds is a bad business model!

    Although, on average, the risk is low, the worst case losses can be very high.


      If I was trying to run a business that is completley understandable, but I am simply doing what I can to survive. I would appreciate some supportive information not being told what is quite blatantly obvious. thanks.


        You don't need to go to court

        You use the Housing and Property chamber


        There are no court costs as these are covered by your landlord registration fee

        You can represent yourself- make sure you get all your ducks in a row.


          Being a landlord is running a business: Sorry: Took me time, aggravation & money to realise this...

          If you have the time LaS do a great course on documentation & eviction - free to SaL members.

          & the SaL helpdesk may be useful

          Good luck

          Slàinte mhath!
          I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


            And don't act as a business at all to offer property to let in Scotland ... is another wee bit of advice. Unless you are willing and able to charge very high rents to cover the liability induced by Scottish law.



              Thanks, I was reading through that information, I was unsure if this would still apply as I have already issued a NTQ and 33. Do you know if I can take further action on eviction proceedings?


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