Lease - a correct one or in breech of core rights and obligations?

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    Lease - a correct one or in breech of core rights and obligations?

    Dear members,

    A new landlord put forward a lease which I signed weeks ago, yet I think it is not in line with a Private Residential Tenancy Agreement for Scotland:

    1. The lease contains the start date but also contains an end date (as far as I know, since 2017 all tenancies should be open-ended?)

    2. The lease does neither contain the landlord's registration number nor the address of the abode nor the email nor the phone number.

    3. The lease is for a room, yet the landlord insists (verbally) the tenant is liable for the bills and the Council Tax (no mention in the lease about it either way).

    4. The flat's all rooms, including living room, have lockers, landlord keeps one room locked for himself, he insists he won't be staying in the property but only sporadically 'pop in' or for Christmas/Easter, or when needed. He also insists on access to a locked-door storage space in my room 'if needed'. There is nothing about it in the lease and makes me confused - what are my rights in this regard. Also, Am I a tenant, a lodger or something else?

    5. The lease has an amount to be paid combined together with other utility costs, instead just the rent itself? Also, neither "pay by week/month" is underscored/crossed out. Should I pay weekly or monthly or it doesn't matter?

    6. Landlord didn't provide Residential Tenancy Statutory Terms Supporting Notes nor mentioned it.

    In summary, is the tenancy as such valid at all?

    Any help would be great, thanks!


    Call your local council.
    They will have a private rented sector office / department


      Would be a good idea, if it was possible to get through to speak to someone over the phone...


        Originally posted by ksbms View Post
        Would be a good idea, if it was possible to get through to speak to someone over the phone...
        You must be in Glasgow (or similar big city), I am in East Ayrshire and can dial the department direct.


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          by leaseholder64
          This is not about compensation. You can only get compensation for actual losses. This is a penalty, much like a criminal court fine, except that it is handled by civil processes and the money goes to the tenant, not to the State....
          02-12-2019, 10:03 AM
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          Hello everyone

          I have a question regarding the deposit protection in the UK since I am an exchange student from Germany.

          Today I received an email that my tenancy deposit is now secured by a tenancy deposit scheme. So far so good.
          Right after that, I got another email...
          25-11-2019, 17:24 PM
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          by nukecad
          If you are having to lodge multiple deposits each month then presumably you are an agent lodging them for multiple Landlords?
          In which case you are already charging the landlord for the work, so employ a part timer to do them once a week.

          Or you have a very large portfolio of your...
          02-12-2019, 05:16 AM
        • Reply to Security Deposit
          by Sandi
          If I lodged deposits weekly rather than every twenty five days I would have to spend four times as long lodging deposits.

          40 working days would have been a far more sensible time frame and allow larger landlords and agents to lodge a months batch at a time.

          I would add that...
          01-12-2019, 21:56 PM
        • Reply to Security Deposit
          by nukecad
          I believe we have been through all of this before in previous threads.

          1- If you are setting a time limit you have to set it somewhere, and a month would seem to be plenty of time.
          Wherever you set that limit there are always going to be those who leave things as late as possible...
          01-12-2019, 14:13 PM
        • Reply to Security Deposit
          by Sandi
          Two points:

          I think people who have to lodge a lot of deposits will recognise that the current system has not taken them into account. My understanding is that the Council of Letting Agents are currently advising agents to lodge deposits every 25 days. This is not working days this is actual...
          01-12-2019, 09:56 AM
        • Reply to Security Deposit
          by nukecad
          Would you like to try that excuse if you were summoned for driving 36 mph in a 30 mph zone and see how far it would get you?

          A legal limit is a legal limit, if you exceed that limit then you have broken the law and must accept the consequences if caught....
          01-12-2019, 01:36 AM
        • Reply to Security Deposit
          by mooch
          The new rules on this are very welcome news for tenants

          Scottish Govt doing right by tenants to help them understand their rights, and encouraging them to use the (free) Tribunal service that is there to help...
          30-11-2019, 20:40 PM
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          Does this pose a problem given that the LL...
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          by theartfullodger
          Welcome to LLZ

          This should have been posted in the Scottish forum:

          I will request it is if possible please be moved.

          I assume this is a PRT: If you have used other paperwork kindly let us know details thereof....
          29-11-2019, 16:08 PM