Scottish Landlord Regulations - Fire Alarms & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

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    Scottish Landlord Regulations - Fire Alarms & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    I am looking to rent out my first property and trying to get my head around the rules and regulations before having any regulatory tests carried out before putting it on the market.

    I've been told by a couple of friends who are landlords that they had to get all their fire alarm detectors had to be hard wired on both levels of their properties. We had an electrician out yesterday who said the rules had changed at the start of 2019 and we should look over them.

    I found an article on the Scottish Government website that states the following;

    There are lots of different types of alarms available – which ones should I get and where can I buy them?

    You can install tamper proof long-life lithium battery alarms or mains-wired alarms. Mains-wired alarms are generally cheaper than the tamper proof long-life battery alarms; however, installation will need to be carried out by an electrician which will be an additional cost to consider.

    Does anyone have these battery alarms installed? If so, can you suggest which ones to get.

    The problem is, we have had new flooring put down in all the halls and the electrician said he would probably have to go up through the floorboards on the second floor - which means we would have to rip up the floors we have put down.

    Any suggestions would be great!


    Start doing the **free to Sal members** course LaS runs....


    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      I use the Aico ones
      Aico also allow a hybrid system where you can have 2 mains interlinked ones plus 2 10 year radio link battery ones all connected together.

      I do not recommend Fire Angel but thats my opinion.


        Statutory guidance changed in March this year (in preparation for all houses in Scotland to be brought up to privately let standard by 2021 (voters don't like mini trunking!)).
        Try fire angel 10y sealed lithium battery, with wifi interconnection. A bit more expensive that non wifi models, but you'll save a lot on wiring and mess, and paperwork, and your sparky's invoice.
        Any particular reason you don't like fire angel BA? they do have a five year warranty



          90,000 Fire Angel detectors have been recalled ........


            Oh, I didn't know that, thanks for the link.
            I guess as it halved their share price three and a half years ago, they'll be very careful with their product QC now..


              You get what you pay for- been installing Aico for years and never had a unti go faulty on its own (had 2 fail due to a roof leak)

              Spoken to other wholesalers and they get a few Fire Angel back but never any Aico back faulty.


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                Best advice is don’t get yourself into something you can’t get yourself out of. If you want rid of the responsibility, get an estate agent to market for sale, let the looming landlords buy it if they’re so sure what they’re selling you is such a good deal.
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                Several local councils do that in my area.

                I have known 3 landlords that used it and they had no problems with it

                Our local council also buy homes back for about market value under certain circumstances.

                Remember there is no right to buy in Scotland any more.
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