'pausing' a tenancy

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    'pausing' a tenancy

    Hi everyone,

    I'm here seeking for opinions from more experienced landlords. I'm brand new in the forum and in the landlord world and English is not my first language, so please forgive any absurdities you may hear from me.

    I recently bought a flat in Edinburgh which I'm renting out on Airbnb during the summer. As I don't want to carry out this activity extensively over the incoming months, I'm in touch with a student to start a longer tenancy from September. This student would like to rent the flat until mid February, but expressed the preference of not staying and paying for the flat during the Christmas period, which is going to spend with her family down south. We agreed that I could rent out the flat on Airbnb during this period, which is convenient for me as well.

    I spent a bit of time informing on how to rent a flat long term, and through the government's website I was pointed to the private residential tenancy.

    As this kind of tenancy is open-ended, I was wondering how should I do to regulate this christmas 'pause' on the contract.

    Would you add a term in the contract or would you find a way to terminate the contract before the christmas break, and start a new one after?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who will help with his/her opinion

    In an ideal world where mature adults could contract with each other as mature adults you could do this.

    However given the state of play in 2019 this is not a safe thing to do. There is no way you can write a contract to guarantee it will be available to you to put on AirBnB. So the tenant will just have to pay more rent.


      There is a specific forum for questions about tenancies in Scotland.

      My guess is that you could possibly arrange to sublet from your tenant during that period - but there is no real way to be sure they will actually move out.
      It may not be possible, but would likely be difficult to arrange even if it was.


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