Charges for Arrears under PRT

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    Charges for Arrears under PRT

    I am familiar with the ban on Premiums in Scotland.

    However, premiums are by definition charges before a tenancy agreement is in place.

    If a T breaches an agreement by eg failing to pay the rent due, is the LL entitled under Scottish Law to charge for work incurred as a result of the breach?

    I ask for comparison with English proposals on S21 currently being consulted, since the Fee Ban in England limits charges for non payment of rent to interest at just over 3%, and If S21 is outlawed there is literally nothing to prevent the T using the L as a short term bank at 3% for 2-3 months. Comprehensive face plant ahoy.

    The UK Housing Minister S showing every sign of having been on a ‘How to be a Feckwit’ course.


    Refer Mad Regulators to Arkell vs Pressdram.

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