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    Advice needed

    After loosing it with landlord other day what advice can you lovely people give:

    First of all I don't have an assured shorthold tenancy I have an assured one due to no AT5 being signed never had tenancy information pack either.

    Secondly enviromental health were in and I haven't received the report 3 months on I did ask for a copy still waiting

    Thirdly reasonable time for repairs:

    Been waiting 8 months for a broken window catch to be replaced
    3 months for anything to be done on condemned back boiler.

    I spoke to shelter they recommended speaking to council homeless or going to first tier tribunal just wondered if anybody had other thoughts I have more to do than let this house rule me.

    Can landlords demand workmen entry to do quotes with less than 24 hour notice.


    Originally posted by Unluckyrenter85 View Post

    Can landlords demand workmen entry to do quotes with less than 24 hour notice.

    Do you want the items fixed or not?


      Am quite happy for the work to be done but due to cancelling 3 appointments with my psychiatrist due to landlord wanting access I feel he should be working with me for convent times I also expressed that as long as he was present I was happy for them to let themselves in and do said works but as he lives at other end of country it isn't appropriate why should I have to be at his demand if I have other engagements that are important


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      • Factors
        My flat is in a block of 8, with 7 owners paying their share of factor's bills. The 8th hasn't paid in years so the factor went to court and got a lein against him. Means that when he sells up, they get their money. Last month (we get monthly bills), the factor shared the bill between 7 owners ie, we...
        12-07-2018, 07:57 AM
      • Reply to Factors
        When you wrote to them raising the matter what did you get in reply?

        Contact the First Tier Tribunal, start with their website
        12-07-2018, 11:06 AM
      • End of 6 monthly Winter Lets?
        With the change at the end of last year to Private Residential Tenancy, does this mean that people will no longer be able to rent their holiday home out for 6 months as a winter let and then kick the tenant back out once tourist season begins again?

        We have a lot of holiday homes in NW...
        02-07-2018, 19:08 PM
      • Reply to End of 6 monthly Winter Lets?
        The new PRT does not have an end date.

        So you can’t control when the tenancy ends however if you have a person who only wants to stay for six months then there’s no reason why you cannot go ahead you just can’t force them to move if they change their mind and want to stay longer.
        11-07-2018, 10:45 AM
      • Leaving tenant

        Hoping somebody can help me with this (I'm the landlord in this scenario):

        Tenant A and Tenant B both signed the same SAT agreement, in 2016, to lease a property. This tenancy agreement has never been ended by either the tenants or myself, so has been continuing on...
        10-07-2018, 14:37 PM
      • Reply to Leaving tenant
        Thanks for the reply.

        Yeah, as I was writing that post it was making more and more sense to me to leave things just as they are.

        Cheers again for the reply.
        10-07-2018, 15:00 PM
      • Reply to Leaving tenant
        In theory BOTH A & B would need to give you written authority to end tenancy.

        But if you grant a new tenancy (to anyone !) it will no longer be an SaT but a PRT so no option to end the tenancy for no reason, only on grounds.

        I'd do nothing. Currently you have two people...
        10-07-2018, 14:46 PM
      • Illegal/fraudalent subletting situation
        Saw an advert on Gumtree.

        Was advised I would bhe living with a live in landlord, thereby making me a lodger or "excluded occupier".

        I signed a tenancy agreement and applied for housing benefit. Turns out that the gentleman who gave me the tenancy agreement (and which...
        07-07-2018, 09:16 AM
      • Reply to Illegal/fraudalent subletting situation
        As it's Scotland any lodger is almost certainly a ”common law tenant" and a Sherrif court decree is needed to evict
        08-07-2018, 15:16 PM
      • Reply to Illegal/fraudalent subletting situation
        Correction to my post above:
        Of course that should have been LODGER, not tenant....
        08-07-2018, 14:01 PM