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    Big electrical problem

    I rent out a flat in Scotland and have done for 5 years. Last Tuesday letting agent contacted me stating fuse box was tripping and called out British Gas. I have electrical cover with them. They advised there was no earth in the flat and advised full rewording was needed. Letting agent sent another electrician out the next day who said the same thing. I don’t have money for the repairs. Letting agent said to buy me time for repairs best thing to do was give tenants 2 months notice which they did. I received a call from the council today advising they had been out yesterday and are concerned about the electrics. They asked for repairs to be carried out or if not I’m a position to do that an inspection carried out and a report stating it was safe for tenants to live there. I’m in the process of trying to arrange someone to go out. I wasn’t aware that the property needed an ECIR. Surely the letting agent should have made me aware of this when they started managing the property for me? I’m worried if they are unable to make the flat safety until tenants move out and where I stand with rhis. I have been told if I did get the property rewired that tenants would have to move out and I would need to put them in a motel. Has anyone else been on this situation. I don’t know what to do

    Ah, 'everything's better in Scotland!'

    Sorry o/p, I know that's not much help. I think you should get your own electrician. As long as it has no round pin sockets, I would have thought it can be repaired.


      This is very strange because as has been much publicised, particularly by Scottish Landlords, in Scotland any tenancy needs an EICR certificate since December 2016.

      - and even before that had a duty to provide a safe service - without an earth it's a bit lethal: Think you've been lucky not to have a worse problem.

      It's not the agent's responsibility to educate you, that's your problem. I'd get a 2nd opinion fast, but if it needs fixing fix it quick. Not sure off-hand what the penalty is for your breaking the law.


      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


        Ignorance of the law is no defense as they say. Installation of an earth should not be a significant job, bu as you have never had the electrics checked they may find other items that need repairing.

        Have you checked all your other landlord requirements, regarding smoke detectors, fire safety risk assessments, legionella assessments, annual gas safety checks (if applicable), guaranteed deposits for tenants, registered as a landlord with local authority, landlords insurance as opposed to residential, anything else you may have missed?


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