dealing with flatmate who left early

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    dealing with flatmate who left early

    Hi , I had a 6 month contract for a flat in Scotland, The contract was shared by a flatmate who is met on a . He decided 3 months into the contract to leave while im at work so I notified the landlord who came out and inspected his room where it was found the bed base was broken . I advised the landlord I wanted to stay on and advertise for a new flat mate , I was told this would be OK but as there was no bed the landlord told me to but a new base and he would deal with it later .
    My parents paid £125 for a leather base I then advertised and had two potential flat mates but each time they were vetod by the landlord ( no reason given ) .... on the 5th month of the tenancy the landlord tells me he is not renewing the lease so I move out on the 30th Dec but before I do I ask about the bed as its rightfully mine , The letting agent says that if I send a receipt I will be reimbursed or allowed back in to take the bed base. Today I get an email from the letting agent with NO mention of the bed but telling me that my flat mate did not hand in the keys 3 months ago so they are going to withhold my deposit ( we both paid 50% and signed the contract together ) Can they do this ? and what can I do about the bed ? I left the flat in a better condition that I got it in ( the person who inspected the flat said they have never seen such a clean well kept flat ) I need this money for my next deposit Thank you any advice would be appreciated .,

    YOUR (original) tenancy with the landlord: Does it just name you as tenant or you & "flatmate" please? If just you, who had what written agreement with "flatmate", please?

    Was deposit protected? Is landlord & flat registered?
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


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