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    Returning a deposit advice

    Hi, new here, and would love some help with this.

    I have a deposit from my lodger. Our signed agreement says she has to give me a month's notice before leaving.

    On the 11th of December, she told me that she was leaving on the 24th of December - as of today the 29th, she still has a few possessions in the room and going back and forth, and the room has not particularly been cleaned at all, but there is no real damage, just a lack of care, so I am annoyed but there is no reason to hold part deposit for this. Keys to the house are still in her possession, which I think right because she has paid the whole of December anyway.

    However, according to the one month's notice date (I have an email confirming she gave verbal notice on the 11th), her rent expires on the 9th of January. Am I allowed to keep those days of rent (from the 1st to the 9th of January) from her deposit, even if she vacates the room earlier?

    I want to be fair, although finding a new lodger under Christmas is not proving easy - our original contract was for a year, but there was the option (for both of us) of giving a month's notice before that.

    Thanks for your advice!

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    When you wrote to them raising the matter what did you get in reply?

    Contact the First Tier Tribunal, start with their website
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    The new PRT does not have an end date.

    So you can’t control when the tenancy ends however if you have a person who only wants to stay for six months then there’s no reason why you cannot go ahead you just can’t force them to move if they change their mind and want to stay longer.
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  • Reply to Leaving tenant
    Thanks for the reply.

    Yeah, as I was writing that post it was making more and more sense to me to leave things just as they are.

    Cheers again for the reply.
    10-07-2018, 15:00 PM
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    In theory BOTH A & B would need to give you written authority to end tenancy.

    But if you grant a new tenancy (to anyone !) it will no longer be an SaT but a PRT so no option to end the tenancy for no reason, only on grounds.

    I'd do nothing. Currently you have two people...
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  • Reply to Illegal/fraudalent subletting situation
    As it's Scotland any lodger is almost certainly a ”common law tenant" and a Sherrif court decree is needed to evict
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