Ending tenancy and Tacit Relocation question

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    Ending tenancy and Tacit Relocation question

    Hi, I've had some very reliable tenants in my flat in Edinburgh for nearly 4 years now, I am going to sell the flat soon and need to serve them their notice. The tenancy was originally for 6 months and after that we let it go for another 6 months, before that 2nd 6 months was up I sent my tenants an email saying:

    "it will soon be coming up to a year you've been in the flat (March). If you refer to the section pasted below from the tenancy which means we can just let the tenancy agreement roll on for as long as we like.

    The lease will be for the period of 6 months from the [ ] (“start date”) and will end on [ ]) (“end date”). If this agreement is not brought to an end by either party on the end date it will continue thereafter on a monthly basis until terminated by either party giving no less than two months notice to the other party."

    My tenant responded saying "As we mentioned previous so far we are very happy with our agreement and your flat, that we would like to stay here at least a year more. Of course, if we would like to change our minds we will let you know at least couple months before. For now we don't even think to change anything."

    My concern now is that the fact that we were on a monthly rolling tenancy was not fully clarified and that when I serve them 2 months notice, they might get back to me saying that they have another six months as happens with the Scottish tacit relocation rule.

    Has the fact that they're on a monthly rolling tenancy been made sufficiently clear?



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