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    Deposit dispute advice

    hello forum, just looking for some advice regarding the dispute I am involved in.

    3 year tenancy, moved out November.
    Deposit £600
    entered dispute via my deposit Scotland to get evidence from LL

    LL claims the entirety of deposit on 3 grounds:

    1. For removal of possessions
    2. For deep clean
    3. For damage

    i accept aspects of these. For instance, I undertook the cleaning myself (small 1 bed flat) which I did to as high a standard as possible, but acknowledge that if LL is being picky enough faults can be found. But in other aspects of the claim I disagree. For instance, on my inventory it is noted that the oven is in poor condition, in fact part way through my tenancy I had it cleaned for hygiene. Same with the carpets, she has claimed a carpet clean was required when check in report indicated poor to average condition. So I will argue on that point. For the damage, it relates to the sofa which has sustained (what I will argue) is wear to the cover. Sofa is 15+ yo, I mean what is acceptable wear over a 3 year period. For the removal off possession, the list she has provided weee all present on the inventory upon entry (oddly which she provided as eveidence) so I have no idea why she has included this. I am very reasonable but overall feel she has expected the property to be exited in a better state than upon entry. The general cleaning fee was around £100 which I may negotiate, but not having been in this situation before I would welcome general advice.

    This should be in the Scottish law section!

    In England, I would suggest that a 15 year old sofa had no residual value, so don't expect to pay anything for the sofa.


      Raise dispute through whichever scheme the deposit is registered in. If in doubt see..
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


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