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  • periodic electrical inspection

    I am due to have a periodic inspection done on one of the propertys on Friday and I'm just trying to head problems off before hand. What exactly do they check?
    I know I need to trunk some cable in which I'll do before then. The property was built in the 60's and is possibly due for rewiring but would this be picked up on with this type of inspection and if so is it a job that needs doing/could cause harm?


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    They look at your whole system incuding switches, sockets and wiring (degrading ? poorly terminated ?), bonding and earthing (are they adequate ) and the consummer unit (RCD protection? etc) They take loads of electrical readings.
    Then your 'problems' are rated from cat 1 (repair immediately), cat 2 (requires attention soon) cat 3 (requires more investigation) cat 4 (not up to current regs but OK)...if my memory is correct.

    The overall installation will be graded as satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

    I would just leave it until your inspection, then do remedials after.
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      Thanks for the reply. Just trying to speed things up a little as we have a prospective tenant who's put down a deposit and is desperate to be in. Don't want to lose him


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        Originally posted by stuco View Post
        Thanks for the reply. Just trying to speed things up a little as we have a prospective tenant who's put down a deposit and is desperate to be in. Don't want to lose him
        There's no legal requirement to have an electrical inspection done, although it's of course extremely sensible to do so and an LL who doesn't would be a bit daft... what I'm trying to say is that unless you have some particular reason for believing that your property is in some way defective, it's unlikely to cause much harm by having the tenant move in a few days before your electrical check, rather than lose him.

        Most electrical inspections seem to throw up a lot of 'not up to current regs' issues - understandable since things move on over the years - and electricians tend to delight in highlighting these and telling you your property is dangerous until they are rectified (all the more business for them). If that happens to you, just take a step back and assess the situation before agreeing to everything, as some (but not all) things may really not be necessary).

        For starters, main earth bonding is one thing that I'll bet you don't have... that's the stout cable which electrically bonds all the incoming services (water/gas/electric) where they enter the property, and I'd say that's worth doing; normally pretty easy if all the services are fairly close together.


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          Ok thanks will mention that to the guy who's coming to look at it...
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