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  • Landlord Flat Fire Safety Responsibility

    We are looking into buying a fish & chip shop with a 2 bedroom flat above the shop, both to be rented out. They both have separate front door entrances but the flat does not have a rear door as it is on a 1st and 2nd floor. On the first floor there is a window which is below the stairs to the 2nd floor and we've been told this is the fire exit but there is no ladder outside the window.
    A further bedroom is on the 2nd floor (loft conversion) which has an opening window in a slanted roof but again no ladder outside. There is a smoke alarm on the 1st floor and each room and staircase is separated by doors but these are normal doors not fire doors. Before making an offer on the property I am concerned whether this is legal and what the fire safety requirements are for a landlord of this type of flat?

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    Could you contact the Fire Service? They will probably be able to point you in the direction of whoever makes the rules on this kind of thing. Probably someone at the local council but the firemen will know.


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      I have contacted them and they will make a home visit but i am waiting to hear from them as it could be a few weeks. But i'm worried the property may not be still on the market at that time.


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        It may not be, but if you go ahead and buy it, and it turns out that you have to spend tens of thousands on it that you didn't realise, you'll be kicking yourself.

        Is it being sold as a commercial property? Might be a pain if it is because commercial sales go through more quickly than residential, otherwise I'd suggest that if you are genuinely interested then put in an offer which you can always withdraw if the fire service survey comes back with some expensive remedials (and I'm not just talking about fire doors at a couple of hundred each, for all we know they might insist on further metal staircases as fire exits - who knows!)


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          "Generally" speaking the best source of info on this will be your local council "private sector housing " or "HMO team" each Loc Coun has its own fire officer and regs very from council to council .....also new safety assesment system will factor in type of T for risk based on vunerability and individual prop escapes are exremely expensive and not usually necessary ....the "escape route" having a min protection factor of 30mins and fire doors along with correctly situated "escape windows" are far more relevant .......a quick call to the above will give you a much clearer picture will a chat with the vendor to establish whether he has had an assessment.....

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