Fire Safety in block of flats

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    Fire Safety in block of flats

    Small RTM here. We recently had a health, safety and fire risk assessment. We have several items to address and one of them is to do with informing residents of fire emergency procedures.
    A template was provided by the consultant to be distributed to all which indicates how to leave the building in case of fire.
    We need to tailor it to our building.

    I'm uncomfortable with telling people how to exit the building as I'm not a H&S expert. For example, we could tell people at ground floor level that they could escape through the window but what about the ones at first floor, is it safe for them to do so? What if we suggest they do and seriously injure themselves doing it and then suing us because that is what we recommended.

    My query is, in this situation, who do you get to write or review your emergency procedures? Do you go to a consultant or can I enrol on a course and do it myself?

    I'm managing the block on behalf of our RTM so will be responsible if something happens.

    I think you have had poor advice and an assessment?
    If the block is suitable for a stay put policy then no need for an evacuation plan?
    If full evacuation is required then you need a fire alarm to support this to raise the alarm in all the flats.
    Your assessment should also state and be provided with a suitable plan and not be a separate action.

    Take a look at the example stay put and full evacuation plan examples in the fire safety Purpose built flats guide by the Local Government Group


      I agree to a certain extent.

      Don't over analyse it, it is a simple building. Your fire action notice is your evacuation plan.


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