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  • Portable Appliance Tests

    I am confused regarding these tests.

    1. Is it a legal requirement to have them done each year ?
    2. What is a portable appliance ? Is a TV one, or lamps or microwaves etc ? I have supplied some electrical stuff in flats and am thinking of throwing the whole lot in the bin.

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    Electrical Appliance Tests

    Currently a landlord / property manager is not obliged by law to do electrical checks of any kind.
    However, as the landlord is ultimately responsible for his or her tenant's safety he / she can be held responsible if things go wrong due to his / her negligence.
    Therefore, it's a jolly good idea to, and responsible landords do, check electrical equipment - both the system as a whole, around every 5 years, and the individual appliances, when there's a change of tenancy.
    Visual inspections routinely, but PAT tests as equipment gets older.
    It's a good idea to supply as little electrical equipment as possible and where you do supply, make sure it's new equipment with purchase receipts and operating instructions.
    Basically, a portable appliance is any piece of electrical equipment in a property which is not part of the mains system.


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