Had a new boiler fitted, what should the fitter be legally responsible for doing?

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    Had a new boiler fitted, what should the fitter be legally responsible for doing?

    I recently had a new boiler fitted at my rental property.

    In advance of this, it had been identified that there was a gas leak, and as such a new gas pipeline may have to be put in.

    However, I was not impressed at all by the fitter who insisted in being paid in full ahead of turning up, left the place in a right mess and I didn't want to give him additional money to fit new pipework.

    Therefore I instructed a recommended fitter instead. He has advised me the pipework join is incorrect in size, and the interior fitting and exterior vent work poor (which it looks).

    As I am self employed, I have tried to get a receipt for my payment on multiple occasions by text and via a few phone calls, his attitude has been aggressive, and he said he'll sort it. But still no receipt.

    The new fitter has advised he should have filled out a page in my boiler book, yet the original fitter has never mentioned this at any stage.

    What service and duties should he be legally required to provide me for the payment? Also, am I able to get anyone else like trading standards or gas safe involved to assess the quality of the work?

    Thank you in advance for any assistance.

    I don't suppose you even checked his Gas Safe registration first?
    TS (or Rogue Traders) is prob your only hope for prosecution, perhaps a small claims action for money owed.
    You will still have to repair gas leak and his bodged job for GSC.
    You forgot the first rule - never pay all money up front and don't go for the cheapest price.


      Contact gas safe. They will send an inspector to thoroughly assess the installation


        New boiler installations have to be registered with the council Building Control by the fitter, and they will in due course send you out paperwork to confirm this.

        Or probably not, in your case


          People really need to check if the plumbers they employ is gas safe registered and check their public liability insurance too - Cheapest is very tempting but can be risky too.
          Like mentioned earlier you need to contact Gas Safe who will take the matter very seriously.

          Incidently I cant recall anyone asking to see any of our insurances in the last 10 years except commercial clients.


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