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    Legionella risk assessment

    Received letter from our letting agent saying that a legionella risk assessment needs to be carried out on the property we rent out at the cost of £120+vat. Our property is a one bedroom flat with a hot water heater under the sink and an electric shower. There is no water storage system in the flat so I have been querying this with them as I don't trust our letting agent ( since we've signed up with them, all these "extra fees" have suddenly cropped up!) I've searched the HSE website but the guidance is very woolly and the letting agent has said it's their "interpretation" of it, with guidance of an HSE person. Not shirking our legal responsibility but do not want to be potentially ripped off by paying to have this risk assessment done when it may be completely unnecessary. Does anyone know anymore about this please? Thanks

    It's an every 2 year assessment, but you can do it yourself.
    There are guides to how to do it on the web, but essentially you need to be able to measure the water temperature and check for pipes that don't get used much.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      Just below the log out, type in Legionella click magnifying glass and up comes a few and recent posts on this.
      Many posts recently on Legionella


        I have just done 4 of these today - just needs common sense and knowledge of the water systems in the property. At same time my gas safe guys were doing gas safety certs, boiler service and fitting co2 alarms as we went and they were thinking of paying £230 each to go on a course to learn to do Legionnaires RA until I put them right.

        Make up your own form on an A4 sheet of paper to be completed at least once a year.

        Date and address/ date of original assessment/ who carried it out.

        Then ask yourself the following questions:-

        Since the original assessment was carried out:-
        Has there been any change to the water system or the way it is used by occupants? (yes/no)
        Has there been a change to the use of the building where the system is installed? (yes/no)
        Is there new information available about risks or control measures? (yes/no)
        When testing the water in the system does hot water flow form any outlets at a temp below 50C? (yes/no)
        When testing the temp or water in the system does cold water flow from any outlets at a temp above 20C? (yes/no)
        Are the current tenants and their visitors more susceptible due to their age, health or lifestyle? (yes/no)
        Has there been a case of Legionnaires disease associated with the system? (yes/no)

        If you have answered YES to any of the above questions a new risk assessment should be carried out by a competent person.
        Most properties with combi boilers will not come anywhere near sustaining Legionella bacteria but properties with cold tanks in roofs and other places may.

        Freedom at the point of zero............


          Found quite a helpful guide on carrying out the assessment here


            I am trying to decide on what to do with regards legionella risk assessment and as a landlord do I by law have to have these assessments done. Obviously I want to do the best for my tenants however if I can do any checks myself then that would be much easier. Any information appreciated please. I have one house that has a combi boiler and another that has a water tank in loft and an electric immersion heater. Any ideas?


              Originally posted by sammy07 View Post
              Any ideas?
              Reading the thread you've just posted on would appear to be a good start


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                by baldelectrician
                See link

                The Square D brand is now owned by...
                01-03-2021, 13:03 PM
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                by paul.b
                can any one help please ,i have just had 3 properties tested 2 of which failed and required new board .
                the third just required a new bathroom light as it wasn't ip65 rated (which i didn't believe it needed to be but that's by the by )
                today i e mailed and asked for the certificates only...
                26-02-2021, 20:46 PM
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                by paul.b
                and this is what he has come back with ,i give up its going to have to be changed or it will potentially cost me more in the long run
                but thanks very much for your input Neelix very much appreciated...
                01-03-2021, 12:23 PM
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                by paul.b
                it has quickline 11 writen on the lid metal construction ,he says hes going to contact napit again today...
                01-03-2021, 10:50 AM
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                by Neelix
                can you post a photo of the fuseboard ?

                something here doesn’t add up
                27-02-2021, 19:03 PM
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                by paul.b
                i paid him 145 for the eicr ,25 to fit a light in the bathroom (that i wasn't sure was required but he insisted it was req) then a furter 145 to investigate a high resistance on the ring live to live leg which was a "loose " conection in a socket
                its a 2 bed with a relatively new (metal...
                27-02-2021, 18:26 PM
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                by Neelix
                Wow wow wow

                Napit do not enforce any rules - they take and make money out of poor electricians

                Does he not acknowledge that Napit contributed to the cross industry document in the link?

                As for being bullied - as far as I can tell he hasn't given you a real reason...
                27-02-2021, 18:06 PM
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                by paul.b
                he wont give this his latest
                The link you sent me was for a charity, they are not a governing body. Napit do not write the rules but have to interpret them and then inforce them.

                I will not be bullied into a false report i stand by my C2 response and will get you a reference number
                27-02-2021, 17:58 PM
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                by Neelix
                OK. My last input now I'm on my laptop

                This is the link to the best practice guide and you can see all the contributing "bodies" which does include Napit


                See if you can find any reference...
                27-02-2021, 17:52 PM
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                by Neelix
                That's BS

                Napit contributed to the best practice guide and it's not a C2 in that cross industry guide.

                Napit may have their opinion but it's not correct and tio use it to take money off unsuspecting clients is almost robbery...
                27-02-2021, 15:58 PM