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    Gas Safety Inspection


    This is my first post here and I’m a first time landlord renting out my only property due to moving abroad with work.

    I've pretty much got everything sorted and yesterday had a engineer from a large company come and do my Annual Gas Safety Inspection. I paid for 3 appliances to be inspected (Combi Boiler, Fire and Oven)

    My girlfriend was at the property to let the engineer in and he checked his notes and informed her that he didn't do fires and would only be checking the boiler. She informed me of this and I spoke to the company who contacted the engineer whilst at my property and he gave them a different story and said he had already given the fire an inspection. I don't think he was too pleased about the company calling him as she said he became very arrogant with her.

    Once the inspection was over he filled out the paperwork but didn't write on the fire or boiler until my girlfriend pointed this out to him and he added them on but listed them as 'Visual Risk Assessment Only' she asked him what this meant and he said that he only needed to properly inspect the boiler as this covered the gas for the whole house And to take it anything else up with Homeserve.

    When I got home last night I looked at the paperwork and I don't think it looks right as he hasn't even bothered to fill in all his details at the top of the sheet. He has also listed warnings and written 'Yes' under the section warning notice issues. My girlfriend said he didn't mention any warnings or provide any other notice to her. Also he has ticked 'No' next to satisfactory visual inspection of gas installation pipe work.
    I have attached this paperwork, please would someone mind looking at this for me and see if it looks satisfactory for a Gas Safety Inspection.

    Thanks in advance!


    Having problems uploading on here, the image link is
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    Hmm. Guess we know now why they're nicknamed '****swerve'. You need to replace the letters in your post with asterisks as we aren't allowed to 'name & shame' here.

    I would ask for my money back, and get British Gas.


      thanks for pointing that out I've amended the post!


        Originally posted by MattBall88 View Post
        he said that he only needed to properly inspect the boiler as this covered the gas for the whole house
        Rubbish; all gas appliances need tobe specifically checked. Hard to believe a bona fide Gas Safe registered engineer wouldn't know that, but hey...

        Check your obligations here:


          I would call Gas Safe and state your concerns. From what you have described, it does not sound like the engineer has carried out a gas check on the appliances.

          The fire would need to be removed and the chimney inspected, which it does not sound like the engineer has done.

          Forget B Gas, I still have no idea why some folk still subscribe to the this crumbling empire. It's a lottery whether you get a good engineer or not and I get a lot of work sorting out there mess.

          Do yourself a favour, find a good, honest and reliable local gas engineer. I also advise landlords to remove gas fires and fit an electric one. If CH is gas, there is no need for a fire.

          Fires are the biggest danger with regards to CO so I advise to remove, plus it is one less appliance to pay to get checked each year.


            A big ditto to everything Blake said.
            Get rid of gas fire - you need a GSR engineer to do this - very few landlords keep them.
            The guy who came might not have been qualified to do fires and fire inspection is a lot of work - worth complaining to GSR about it.

            Also - definitely find a local long established gsr person to look after your property - not just the cheapest. In the long run it will pay to have a good relationship with a plumber/gsr engineer.

            Also, a general point - make sure the tenants have a copy of user instructions for all appliances AND make sure someone has explained how to use them (perhaps yourself or a gas engineer). It may seem silly and obvious but many people have not used GCH and not used gas for cooking...
            When I say "we" I mean my husband does it whilst I read and write about it! Mrs Tara Plumbing doesn't do plumbing."


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