Gas safety check required for tenants own gas cooker

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    Hard to imagine anyone would by a second hand gas cooker - but in case you do. Not only must it comply with current legislation - eg have FSD if in multi dwelling property.
    You MUST have the manufacturer's instructions.

    When I say "we" I mean my husband does it whilst I read and write about it! Mrs Tara Plumbing doesn't do plumbing."


      I've just had a new gas hob installed at home and I was given a gas safety cert by the gas fitter.

      Going back to the original post, I too would install a new electric cooker. It saves £40 per year on the annual gas safety inspection. BG charge £40 for each additional gas appliance.

      If landlord wants to keep tenant happy, I would insist on the cooker being brand new and fitted and signed off by a Gas Safe Engineer and a letter from tenant stating the cooker will be maintained by, and belongs to the tenant.

      When the annual boiler service and gas safety cert is due, the cooker would be noted down on the paperwork and it would have the comments 'not inspected' written by it.

      Tenant happy/landlord happy.


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