Fire requirements for ceilings and walls

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  • Fire requirements for ceilings and walls


    Are there any mandatory requirements for floor and wall construction in a HMO property. I guess most standard houses are 7 x 2 joists with plasterboard and skim underneath and 18mm tongue and groove floorboards above. Are there any regulatory guidelines in respect to this?

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    Firstly, if you are doing conversion or remedial building works you should adhere to current building regulations standards. COntact building control in your council

    If you are assessing what is currently in place you should look at the guidance in the Lacors fire safety guidance or contact your council. They may have guidelines on their website. If your HMO will be licensable, then the council will pay close attention to fire separation issues.

    Your fire risk assessment (best done by an independant professional fire risk assessor) should identify what is currently in place and whether it is sufficient
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      You should definitely be in touch with your local building control officer on this one - have you got an HMO licence?

      I have a feeling you may be asked for double layer plasterboard on the ceiling or a fire proof board in one layer.

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        Stef Cooke
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        Don't 'think', do your own research. FB is a good place to start.

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        Many thanks, I think you guys are right
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