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    Gas Hatch Scam

    Back in 2011, I got the letting agent of my rental flat to arrange some flue hatches to be fitted. These are compulsory for concealed flues from 1/1/13. They put in two hatches above the 4 metre long lounge, and seem to have done a good job.

    I have a different letting agent now, and today they sent their gas man round to do the inspection. The guy has failed it because the hatches do not correspond to the flue joints.

    My agent has sent me the following circular on the subject from the firm:

    I have sent her the Gas Safe one that mentions the hatches only have to be 1.5 metres from the joints:

    Is this firm trying to pick holes in my installation to get the job of 'rectifying' it?

    Hard to tell without more information. Can you inspect properly from hatches on ceiling !


      I suppose if you stick your head through, probably.


        I'm a gas engineer and as long as the engineer can inspect any flue joints in the void with the hatches provided then there is no issue as far as I'm concerned. Besides, before you cut into a ceiling to fit the hatch, how would you know where the joints are?

        As long as I can see the joints, see that the flue is supported and sound, then I'm happy. Tell them you want a 2nd opinion and arrange for engineer yourself to go and check it out. probably cheaper than letting the agent do it anyway.


          Thanks Blake. My thoughts entirely.


            Today my agent changed her story. Now she says that the flues could not be inspected because of all the insulation in the ceiling, and that the hatch fitter should have removed it.

            Hmm. I think there is a good reason for insulation there isn't there? Presumably the hot pipe needs insulation to stop it setting light to the flat, and the ceiling needs insulation for fire and sound proofing.

            My agent suggested that I ask the original hatch fitters to go back and remove the insulation! I told her I would just get the previous agent's gas man to do this year's gas certificate.

            Agents, eh?


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