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    Originally posted by hech123 View Post
    In 90-95% of my properties we have thumb turns and always in HMO's but in the odd terrace or block of flats I do have these.

    I can see they are best to be looked at and I will do this over time now after hearing all the replies. They are pretty sufficient but as I work through my properties improving various things these are one of the things I will look at. To be fair many landlords have mortice locks and very few even offer a break glass, I see from hundreds of properties I view, I am amazed at how little safety most of the landlords I see have in place.
    Blocks of purpose built flats may be argued differently if the compartmentation is suitable for a stay put policy where only the occupant whose flat is on fire need evacuate. It could be said technically the staircase is not an "emergency escape route". However keys in boxes are not the norm and would raise concerns with an inspecting officer.

    I agree that there are many such properties where you may find little or no regard to the fire safety provisions. Unfortunately fire safety enforcement is going the same way as the HSE where prosecutions take place after the offence or incident and ignorance of fire safety law is no defence.


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