Gas safety certificate and insurance implication

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  • Gas safety certificate and insurance implication


    Our landlord has failed to produce a gas safety certificate for a long period of time, and when questioned miraculously the inspector turned up the following day. We believe the property did not have a certificate for around 9 months. During this period, do you think he will have breached the rental agreement? Also, any idea if this would have automatically invalidated his buildings insurance??

    Many thanks!!

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    Yes it would have invalidated the buildings insurance.

    What inspector? I manage a block of flats where 1 tenant is very shy of getting a certificate because her boiler is in the roof and last year reported her to the Health and Safety Executive. Disappointingly there was no punishment or fine just a nice lady persuading her to have it done.

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      Not only has your landlord broken the tenancy agreement (whether explicit or implied, (s)he is required to provide you with a let that is safe for habitation) and invalidated his insurance, your landlord has broken the law on gas safety.

      Sadly, though, now that the certificate has been issued there's B.all anyone will do about it, so just make a note of the expiry date in your diary for next year so you ensure that a replacement is provided on time.


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