No Fence at bottom of garden.

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  • No Fence at bottom of garden.

    Hi all,

    My first post

    I have a question.

    At the bottom of my garden there is no fence, it goes directly into a relatively steep drop which is wooden and ends up at a small river.

    I am planning on letting out the property, what risks would the above bring and what are my legal obligations with regards to tenant safety?

    I know my moral obligations but I am also wondering about my legal obligations, for example if new tenants have small children.

    Does anyone have any links to relevant legal information?

    Thanks in advance for reading.

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    You have no legal obligation to provide a fence if one has never existed there (the property can be let 'as seen') but you would much improve your chances of getting tenants (esp. a family) if you did fence the garden off safely.

    It wouldn't be something I'd hum and hah about,personally - I'djust do it. With a lockable gate, so the Ts could still have access to the stream if they wished.
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