Purchasing new buy to lets... Fire risk assessment

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    Purchasing new buy to lets... Fire risk assessment

    I am purchasing 3 flats and the freehold of a three storey building. Each flat is self contained. There is no integrated fire alarm system. Legally what do I have to put in place before letting the flats. They are currently let out.

    Each flat will need a fire and carbon monoxide alarm. Does the upper floor flats have rear staircases?
    Ask your local Fire Safety officer to call around from the fire brigade. They are usually very helpful and free (I think).

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      I agree with the need to provide self contained fire alarms in each flat and a carbon monoxide detector. I am assuming that there is only one escape route from the upper floor flats? All flat doors should be appropriate fire doors with self closing devices fitted.


        Smoke alarms as part of fire risk assessment


        Usually, in most HMOs, you will be required to install mains powered, cable-linked smoke and heat alarms to BS5839-6 part D. However, this creates large installation costs. A cost saving can be achieved by installing radio-interlinked, mains powered smoke alarms. These can be powered from the nearest light fitting and do not need cable running between units. An even more cost-efficient option is to use battery operated radio-interlinked smoke alarms. However, you need to agree these with fire brigade, building inspector or similar. You would also need to make sure that the batteries would be replaced regularly before they start bleeping!



          I am in a similar position of having to install an integrated fire alarm system and fire doors. Does any one know where the fire alarm panel has to be located? There is a small cupboard on the middle floor (3 floor property) that already has cabling going to it - If I can have the panel in there it would be great - if it has to be downstairs near the front door then it would be a pain.

          Any tips on purchasing alarm systems and fire doors would be appreciated. I did see a system on ebay (110622583950) for £239 which sound very reasonable but not sure if it is of the right standard.


            Assuming the property is in England or Wales.

            There should already be a Fire Risk Assessment for the property. Freeholder's and Landlords have had since 2005 to get these in place (under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005). It is an offence not to have carried one out, and acted upon it's recomendations. So calling around the local Fire Officer may set in motion a sequence of events that leads to proscecution. This is, of course, been put in very simple terms / overview.

            As the seller's agetn to provide you a copy of the assessment. If one is not available then it's renegociation time.

            I would check the HMO status of the property as a building of individual flats do make a registered HMO (which will have more stringent minimum standards) - although it is possible for a flat to be a registered HMO should it meet the criteria (which depends on your local authority).
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