Help Need advice on Gas/ Electric / FIre regulations!

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    Help Need advice on Gas/ Electric / FIre regulations!

    Hello people.

    I am leasing my house to a friend from work for a 12 month period.

    COuld you tell me what needs to be in place before she moves in?

    I need a electric/ gas safety certificate?

    Do I need an EPC certificate?

    In terms of the furniture some of it is pre 1984 but the new tennant is adamant that she wants to keep these in the property? How can I sort this out? is there any other contract or anything that she can sign to allow this? Or alternatively can she just "buy" the furniture from me?


    You need a Landlords Gas safety certificate (CP12)
    You do not NEED an electrical certificate - but you do have to know the electrics are safe.
    You need an Energy Performance Certificate.
    Any soft furnishings that do not have a "fire safety" label can not be used. If you sell them, you may be breaking the law as IIRC they may no longer be sold either.


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